Saturday, 3 February 2007


When all of your wishes are granted, some of your dreams will be destroyed…when none of your wishes are granted, all of your dreams will be destroyed…

Bring me scissors; I’ll cut my tongue
I don’t wanna fly no more.
Bring me mirrors; I’ll forget everything,
Of after and before.

Bring me razors,
Sweet diamonds in my fire.
I’ll retire with my dreams,
And a life uninspired.

Redemption is right where I fell,
Salvation might just be another hell.
And forgiveness, it takes its toll,
I am a broken man, searching for gold.

Towns in my window,
Ghosts of yesterday.
A life that’s unfolding
Like a travesty that fades away.

The poet needs a muse,
The boy needs a hand.
The child needs something to hold on to,
When he becomes a man.

Bring me fire; I’ll burn my dreams
My eyes are open wide.
Bring me desires; I don’t need anything
Now I’ll choose to hide.

So bring me your love
Ask me your name.
Here you don’t belong,
And I don’t play these games.

Redemption is stories to tell
Salvation is right where you fell.
Emptiness, I feel it all,
Lights go down and I’m two feet small.

And I’m falling down,
Arms outstretched, to meet the open sea.
Oh, I’m burning out on this road,
I’d like to take you with me.

I wish and I wish, to be true,
Am I so wrong that I need you?

I need you like the poet needs his muse,
Like a child needs a hand.
Like who boy who wants someone to love,
When the boy becomes a man.

…and the only thing that hurts, is that at the end of the day, words don’t mean a thing.

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Morning Dew said...

if you were here i wud hav given u a hug.amazin' flow of words....i dunno how u do it, the stringing together of random thoughts to perfection....