Monday, 27 May 2013


I must lose it all.

I must lose because I don’t have anything hard or ugly or cold or bitter inside. I don’t have a struggle. I was born in a simple family to loving parents. I was bound for normalcy. But what is normal? Is it a fence we build for ourselves or a wall others raise around us? I think it’d be best to call it a state of motionlessness. Of not going anywhere. Like trying to swim in an ocean with no waves. Or maybe that’s what our indecisive brains try and tell us – to move away from the comfort we burrow ourselves in. however, like the roots of an old tree, our beliefs fasten themselves into a ripe ground of youth and age till they’re too rigid to change.

The only thing I've ever learnt from life and love is that sometimes we should close our mouths but we should never close our eyes.

Now I rage without a reason. I burn without a flame. My voices have no words anymore.

I must lose it all.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Tides

Will the river meet the ocean tide?
Where the mountains end and the sun does hide?
To forget and float away like a stringless kite
Is what I often wish to do.

To see the world in her eyes through sunlight beams
To never question these threads merging into tender seams
As night turns to day and a blue evening leans
My arms are doors that lie open for you.

Today, I wish to fly like birds that brave the wind
To be naked and shed this dying skin
Even though they oft meander, my thoughts are pinned
To a wall of words I raised and drew.

And yet, I arrive only as a letter
Only to be gagged, bound and tethered
Yellowed, unopened and set upon a table
Weather beaten and never to be read.

So find me a place where my bones can rest
In the rising tides, I was summoned by your zest
Now I tremble as you remove your dress
But I’ll hold you close like the words you've said.

*photo by Pranita Kocharekar*