Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Stranger Song

Tonight, a spin of every kind
A pinch on every nerve.
Static, frozen songs you are
And melting molten earth.

A hurt, a burn, a lullaby
A tear, an answer, a familiar cry.
A whisper, laughter, a breezy sway
The rising sun on all my days.

Dreamer, drifter, stranger kinds
Strange are the words you say.
The way you move in your disguise,
Who wouldn’t be lead astray?

(photo by Priyani)


Down this line for the final time,
On the roads where we were mislead.
Where I can sing with words that rhyme,
Where angels fear to tread.

The days are getting colder with you not around,
And I’m tied to these promises, chained to the ground.
Are you without wings, an angel falling down?
Or are you just a message in a bottle, waiting to be found?

The night collides with the light,
And thus the stars are born.
I’ll never forsake the story I’m in,
Where words spin anew like a song.

I handed you this dirty string,
And you spun it around like a thread.
Twisting and turning closer everyday,
Till we knew the secrets in our head.

These foggy nights with a prick of a rose,
Miss your songs and dirty whispers.
I’m walking backwards into my dreams,
Open your arms and I’ll surrender…

(photo by Priyani)

Friday, 18 January 2008


You’re like poetry,
Waiting to be found.
Or forgotten by time,
Only to be remembered.
By lovers, fools and jesters alike.
You’re on their tongue,
Like water at my feet as I walk by the shore.
Coming and receding like a long lost friend,
Smelling of childhood victories.
And you remind me of myself,
In a different place at a different time.
A time when I stood and swayed and went,
Wherever the wind took me.
But now I am two mirrors,
And a bouquet of forgotten flowers.
And as you stand in front of me,
You make it easier because,
You’re like poetry.
All I have to do is to write you down.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Your surprise, the roses
Sheets dried downstairs.
Canvas bleeds for your shade
Think twice for cherry waves.

Your smile, the roses
Eyes that can’t see.
But touch and leave maroon
Clay lady, change your shape.

Your cries, the roses
Blue star, moonless sky
Off key baritones
Carousels and mistakes.

Voice drowns in rear view mirrors
Jump the water, hug the plank.
Meandering roads in your smiling eyes
The rose tonight, the roses.

Scenes from a Balcony

The light draws closer,
Night surrounds me in shade,
As the leaves sway and whisper,
I think of you.

How could I not feel your touch?
Slide into the same room.
The earth sways when she dances
Dancing I am when I’m alone.

The future has been defeated,
Though the past is never destroyed,
And as my last cigarette crawls and burns,
I think of you.