Friday, 23 February 2007


I know I’ve come
Down this road.
For once, I feel
Like letting go.

Midnight’s swimming
Too early today.
Fingers still clutching
The dawn to pass…

Falling, on my knees
Dancing, on the street
Feeling, like I’m free now…
Singing, songs relief
Dreaming on a tree
Feeling, like I’m free, now.

The past is almost over
The earth is red no more.
I remember where we used to sing
Of after and before.

Come on down with your weight, tonight
Time to be what we are
Rid a child of his frowns,
Touch my body, feel my scars.

Falling, on my knees
Dancing, on my feet
Feeling, like I’m free now…
Sing, songs – believe
Dreaming, you and me
Feeling, I’ll get there, somehow…

So, unlock your hands and touch my spine
The past was yours, but the future’s not mine.
Been everywhere, made everything my home,
Which song you’re gonna sing to when I lie all alone?

Come to me and make me believe
Make me lose myself; break walls that are wearing thin.
I’m becoming sublime without trying to hard,
Oh well, you can’t always swim.

-dedicated to the one true rainchild, Ishita.

1 comment:

"effervescencia" said...

one of your best...
Aaz, you.... i'm lost. i dont have words...forgive the reaction, but u leave me wordless with your words...
torment, sheer torture, but it pulls me to read it again, yet again.