Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Noise inside the quiet

Why do i follow things which lead nowhere? Give my homeless thoughts a name and i will take each day as it comes. If not thinking about the past is a gift then always thinking about tomorrows must surely be a curse. There is too much noise inside when you're not around. I begin to doubt if i am ever ready for anything. Rid me of my silence, keep yours from me.

Upon Tracing Her Steps

Between falling snow and the dew lit grass
You will find me as you wander pathless.
And what of the sunsets we didn’t share?
We will exchange silence
And watch it rise instead.

Divide your eyes
Between the green and the blue.
Frame a mountain
Or cup it in your hands.
Catch the rain
Give each stranger a name.

May those be damned
Who say there is nothing to see.

A temple of rocks, spiral winds
Mountain dogs, swirling bells
Singing trees, prayer flags, rising steam
Swollen pillows, homeless clouds,
Wait for you and me.

Into the White

Waiting for an explosion
Two cold green eyes
See nothing but winter
And broken twigs.

On a chair or on a wheel
This land is whiter than my thoughts.
She will always know where I’ve been
It might rain but it won’t.

We depart with keys and circles
I said I’ll meet her there
Beneath the sinister yellow moon
Which shines unaware.

It will satiate my hunger for shelters
If you left me here alone.
Deep in the forest
The bird makes a home.

Maybe I heard my name
Down where the river dried.
Walk with me to the places we know
Or let me go into the white.


She looked like a scar as she said those words,

''its been 25 years''.

I didn't know whether she hurt or had healed.

Sunday, 27 June 2010


I knew
Mirrors could be forgotten
When love came
In the form of you.

My passenger
You smell of everything familiar
Ebb more easily than you would know
And travel within without a sound.

Timeless, is what you are
For time won’t change your beauty
Your beauty will keep on changing
With time.

You have the depth of an ocean
But forgive me
I forget the tides
When skies are clear
Beneath the lights.

Don’t break like a cloud and
Forsake your shape
Like faces lost in a dream.
And if it makes you smile
You can give me a name
It’s all I need.

Don’t fade like the dawn
Like words on a wall
Like a tear in my clothes, stitched.
Like a healing wound.

And I promise
To be the same.

Winter lady,
Only keep silence from me.
Be with me like a stain.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Ive never seen a Lotus bloom, they have been ruined and overused by the BJP party and in various places of worship where it just looks ugly. But come on, if the leaves are so nice, how will the flower be?


We've kissed in places where art is made or forced out of people. Where statues stare and seem to be moving. Where people take shelter from the sun and creepers and vines come out of anywhere and everywhere.

We've kissed in places where people quench their thirst. Where pigeons call other pigeons and stare till we're done or its time. Where staircases are forgotten because people are too old and they'd rather stay down, or children are too scared to go in the dark, where two pairs of eyes chase each other and shine.

We've kissed while beautiful tall women dance or middle aged men play their flutes or sip their tea and its the perfect background music, everyone else is oblivious to how it all comes together.

We've kissed while water runs out, overflows and is enough for crows and sparrowes.

We've kissed in places where people can see through the walls and maybe no one is watching but everyone knows.

This is all the same but each kiss is different.


Winter's the best season because it often hides what usually looks ugly in summers.


Yes its true
my brother's addicted.

Yesterday's dream

I cant recall the last time i dreamt of hell.

Hell is a big construction site with demons swinging on chains in my dream.

No red sky.
No lightening or thunder.
No sound of whips cracking in the distance.
No sound of people shouting or screaming with pain.

My hell is silence.

'Choose between your heart or your soul', my dream left me with no choice.

That's probably why i woke up before it got over.

If you ask me, i was glad i did.