Friday, 23 February 2007


Falling down
With my face to the ground,
And everything
That made me sing.
It disappears and fades away
Like the noise that surrounds
Bitter taste in my mouth, still
Haunts of an unfinished drink.

Who am I?
My story’s the same.
I think I know it all,
‘Cuz I’ve played the game.
No boy, you’re wrong – you’re blind
The game plays you,
You can’t walk the line.

Watcha gonna do when
The tides get high?
I clipped your wings, now
You can’t fly.
You can’t soar,
Though you dream it all.
Don’t look back, don’t look down,
Face the sky and take the fall

1 comment:

"effervescencia" said...

the piece is good,very good.but smhow it didnt make me think.
as in, i didnt quite get wat you were trynna get across.
it seemed lik two different pieces merged together....