Thursday, 12 January 2012

Winter In Me

You who lies there
Silent and vacant as a tree
With your roots going nowhere
I speak to you now.

Winter comes undone in circles around you
And I
Break the only knot I know.

And as I unwind on orphaned roads
I speak but stay silent about tombstones
Watching my dark city sweep
Its filth under the pavements.

I know
I rage without a reason
I burn without a flame
My voices have no words

Yet, the winter in me waits
As my voice awaits your presence
Like water shackled within a glass
Waiting the release of your lips.
Wishing to spill
Into your conversations
When I’m not there.

And I wish, as only a dreamer would
To hold the world in your eyes
To touch you with my words
With my silence
To hold you
To bite each day to its very core
To call each thing
By its right name.

To wake and find
The roads are washed and pure
The skies are clear and leaves are green
To find, suddenly, the sparks are flames.


But everything must be filled with time,
Or at least, a reminder of the same.
That's why there is no silence
That's why we have names.