Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Not A Nice Man To Know (Revelations, part – 1)

Walking down a winding road,
With Juliana on my mind.
Whenever I think of her,
I can’t keep myself from cryin’.

She is breathing fire
And the smoke is in my eyes.
She told me she’s better off alone
I’m still coming down the line.

I want to grow some wings and fly
Where her children are being born.
And as she hangs her head and cries,
I’m still watching porn.

We said we should choose to walk.
Sun is out with a lonely glow.
Empty spaces filled with empty words
I’m not a nice man to know.

Many walk between us,
And I can’t change these lines
Watch me suffer from afar
Just for one last time.

Yes, I know I’ve lost
I beat my hands against these cold, gray walls
Leave it hanging numb and lifeless,
Just like my body that’s bound to fall.

When the rain gets harder
And the nights won’t leave me alone
I’ll think of your eyes,
They’ll guide me to my home.

I’ll become the wind
That plays with your hair.
I’ll whisper your name
But I won’t be there.

Promises washing down my back
Secrets I’ll never choose to show.
Running free, I wish you were
I’m not a nice man to know.

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