Monday, 29 September 2008

Remember Me

Like rain at my porch
You will shade me of many things
To come

Without a sound
We come tumbling down
The hill we seldom climbed
Not tell anyone.

And our voices glide
When the clocks mutter midnight
Then you’re left with making faces.

You’re slow and wild
Just like a child.
Never tamed
With a name
For all your places

And I’ll wait
For you to come
It has begun.
I can see the end is near.

When one day
You will learn to fly
All I’ll ask
Set them free
Teach me how to land,
Remember me.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Remembering You

Show me pictures of yellow streets
And all your walls
Without a name

I want to see your city shining
In shades of white
I want to see it dressed
With red lights

I want to dance
In all your haunts
Hear stories from old men
Then lose my way.

Remind me that happiness
Is still worth its weight in gold
Find me
In blue of the night
Within bodies that shouldn’t be sold.

Spin this path
Like my grandmother’s hair
Black and white with a little brown
Take me to your lost green land
Where I’m waiting to be found.

Last Life

Your name
Comes to me
In silence
When we talk
Or maybe that’s
Not who you are.

Lately, I have been away
It seems that I have gone astray.
I am chasing shadows in the dark.

You know I swim
Then I drown
We are always either
Lost or found.

On someone else’s page
Through better days
Hold our breath and stand aground.

The roads point
In the same direction
This merge is nothing new.
Look up to the sky and
Find your reasons
Coming back to you

Or take me as I am
Before we fall away
When words refuse to speak
And I lose myself.
Into your eyes,
Off your smile
Another black and white
Empty space.

Sunday, 21 September 2008


No more shards to
Piece what is broken.
It came from below when I
Wasn’t looking

And to see you now is to
Wait for winter
To kiss the rain
That slides away.

In the middle of
This page
On my mirror
And these walls and,
Teacups and conversations
Alive, breathing, in
Every street I walk.

It seems that you are in the way.

In my eyes, words repeat,
Fall and wither.
Not make sense,
This web won’t mend, but
You will heal.

And if they ask,
I will tell the others of
The songs in your heart
Without a tune

There are some things
We must feel, but
Never know.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Me. Now.

Should we tear this body in two?
Watch it become separate
Like chromosomes divide?
See the ashes flow in the river
Sing it like you have to hide.


I was spinning dreams on a wheel
When a butterfly crashed
On a glass
Beating its last wings.

Then the powder rose
And fell like dust
Over the tint, after which
A sound was heard below a din

And as the candle flickered to show us the way,
We let some wax
Run down our chin.

Familiar song?

They hurt
They sting
They burn
The shards that remain
As you come and fall around me
Tell me you wish for this to end.

The Way You Were Before the Way You Are Now

It’s a quiet world,
This city life
Where no one sings today
And you cast your webs
For no one’s eyes
You come down with the rain.

Lost in a haze of silhouettes
In the clocks that keep time
You light another cigarette
Wishing the reasons would rhyme.

And though you’d rather be somewhere else
With someone else by your side
You’re going to tell yourself it’s alright
You will tell yourself it’s alright.

Saturday, 6 September 2008


You tear a smile
You wear a shoe
What am I to do?

You wait a while
I am into you
Well what am I to do?

The spoils of war
These battle scars
The future won’t make you
Who you are.

The folds in your dress
Make me lose myself.

You count the reds
Now pull the thread.

The lights shine over you, down
The king of yesterdays
Turned my heart out.

And till we swerve, we never blink
Swallow the same wave
Ring the same nerves
Get distorted again.

And when I tell her
I am over this,
She wonders
Could she take it all back?
The sounds heard before a crash.