Friday, 23 February 2007


When you look in the mirror,
What do you see?
I see a little boy,
He can never be free.

I see an old man
With scars on his hands
But you never see me,
You’ll never understand…

Down by the wayside,
I found it to be true.
I thought what I wish for,
And ended up hurting you.

Have you kissed the enemy?
Are you living a lie?
You fall down broken and empty,
And you call this life.

Well I won’t change
I won’t break this mould.
I’ll get to see you again,
When we meet down this road.

-Another 5-minute poem.

1 comment:

"effervescencia" said...

well smtyms you jus cant giv up the hope dat sm1 is waitin to hold your heart....
you jus hav to reach out.
as alwaz this was pure beauty, but too much pain, smtyms i cant handle so much in words....