Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The Bends

Take a bend in the road
Said I can save it for tomorrows.
And when the story is done, you,
Pull open the curtains
Watch the sun dissolve.

I will take this and more
All the colours and
The residue of the night
Still fresh on your tongue.

In the end
If it can be called that,
I know we
Can’t always be the same
Our own worlds we have
To decipher.

Abul Fazal Sky

Here we live
Look up
Scattered bruises in the sky…no,
Vivid brushstrokes on a blue canvas
Purple, white and lovely pink
Quaint orange and an unthreatening red too
In streaks and patches
These tread marks of rain
Over Abul Fazal
Where we live.

Wrong if you say
Everyday is the same.
Sometimes words don’t do you good
When shades are your only friend
May I borrow this palette?

Monday, 7 July 2008

After Miracles

Today I wish to leap out of your shadow
You who I have followed for so long
Observe the night with all its stars
Aligned together like children holding hands
In other words, be where you are.

I don’t know from where I began
From a path I was on before I was lost.
From a hill or a waterfall, from a storm or a dive
From a tree or a vine
From a wheel or a shoe.

Or maybe from sunrise through a valley
A smile behind a veil, a whisper
In this world,
All beautiful things are hidden.

My eyes grow weary looking around
Where I’ve been
At times I’m tired of talking.
Sometimes you’re tired of being a man.

Today I wish to be hung,
Like stories on a wire
Where we will sway easily
Like clothes in the wind
Till we are dried of all our tears.