Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Dog Without A Name

I, I’ve been walking the same
I, I’ve been feeling down again
You, you’ll never change
Cuz I’m always there to take the blame.

Washing down with the rain, the tears that I’ve cried
Walking the roads we used to walk, we call this life.
And in my heads, the thoughts I can’t defuse,
I swear I’ll die to win, cuz I’m born to lose.

Who’s on your side? What’s on your mind?
Where will you go when you have to hide?
It’s not your weight that’s killing me girl,
I love and I hate it when you look at me and smile.

I’ve seen everything that’s never happened before.
Seen love walk right out of the door.
It’s never been this good or this slow,
Now I miss you more than you could know.

I miss you like a pagan; heavens left his side
I miss you like a sinner who’s got no one to confide.
I’m lost and I’m broken, bent at the side,
Let me walk away, leave this behind.

No one sings me lullabies
No one wipes these tears from her eyes.
But if u come down with your weight tonight,
I will hold you still...like a cradle unfilled,
For I am weary of the hide.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

no need to blame yourself
i m d one , who to blame
i m sorry
tht i have given u pain