Tuesday, 21 July 2015

I would like to kiss you in
Places no one knows
In secrets nothing has
Touched in a while
The way you know you like
But no one knows

I would like to kiss you

In corners of the places
Where you grew up
Changed shape and
Shed your skin

I would like to kiss you

In your sleep
So you may dream of me
I wish that were true
Like your hands that manage
To defy gravity and curve
When you put your fingers
To your lips

I would like to kiss you

When you are looking away
So you may turn to me
And smile


Mountains of the evening
Hills of the night
White cushions with
No ill intent
Break in the morning
To deliver and drench
You with their message
While we, the plebeians
The crawlers
Seedy shifters and
Cheque chasers
Full of words
Drained of cash
Leave home


I see her undress
Under the moon
And for a second
The things become
The ink spilled over her
Skin in youth
Marks long forgotten
The golden hoops
For silver ears
And freckles like stars
Illuminate the night
Love is a smile
She wears

Sunday, 19 July 2015

It's A Slow Death

I'm flesh and bone
Blood and guts 
Root and hair
Alphabets are leaves I shed
The autumn draft
During winter spells
The everyday seasons 
The sun never sets
And you'd agree
I'm not made of letters
But my darling
Its a slow death
When they want only your words
And your body lies forgotten
It's a dull pain
That time reminds and hangs like 
Clothespins from your skin
It's an ungentle ache
When the only curves and shapes
They yearn for
Are the ones they can hear
Coming out of your mouth
The only thing they'd like to undress
Is a page left blank

Saturday, 11 July 2015


The universe abounds in irony
I lost my key chain
And found the key