Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Touch of Whispers

The memory of your touch
Resides between my fingers
When you with your hair undone
Are born again
Naked and fragile, like
A ball of yarn
Ready to unwind.

The touch of your feet
Is a waking dream
A walk on the clouds
The ocean floor.

The touch of your lips
Is petal dew
As fresh as a leaf
Full as a summer fruit
Smooth, like riverbed rocks
That shimmer at night.

To touch your hands
Is to feel the soul of a traveler
A map of hidden fortunes
Where the lines are all blurred.

The hint of your dream
Is another step in
An open crevasse
That vanishes
As we wake.

And soon
Your back uncoils
Like a lazy river,
You cut me with the star of your skin
Burn me with your fever.
And I am left in search of a face
Before your voice returns
With a name for me.

We can
We can
The same.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

You, Silence & I

My silence is a silence of sand dunes
I need the voiceless wind
To sing.

I will surrender at your feet
An army of me
Swoop down, and gather me
I will remain in circles
Unlike the meandering rivers
On your palm.

My silence is a silence of the sky
Ever changing, lost to the water
I look up, but
I never know
From where the clouds came.

I will vanish in your eyes
Without any shape, like
A distant memory
Of making love while the world slept
On a hot summer afternoon.

When I turned to you, and said
Our silence is precious and simple
Like the moon
We may change with time
But our light remains.