Saturday, 13 October 2007

The Anomaly

We blame it all on politicians,
Their words are never true.
In shadows and in silence,
They smile like me and you.

I pledge allegiance to a country without borders,
A place without a name.
A flag that’s drained of colours,
And an empty government.

The soldiers are still marching,
I thought they were coming home to me.
A stranger in a stranger land,
I am an anomaly.

They blame it on the people,
We blame it on the war.
The violence of our neighbours,
Whoever you are.

The papers, they don’t lie,
But they never say the truth.
The mighty never cry,
Let’s hope they’re haunted by me and you.

Those whose cups are overfilled,
Will never go on a hunger strike.
Lay back kid, let the television feed you,
Give in to your demise.

And history sings again,
A choir of broken souls.
Capitalism is here to stay,
I salute the status quo.

Now they’re shutting down the factory,
When all the bills are due.
And the soldiers, they’re all leaving,
Just when the war is through.

So let’s blame it on the politicians,
Whose words are never true.
Let us close our eyes and never see,
They’re just like me and you.

We are the ones who made them,
It’s for them that we chant.
A reason to hate, a justification,
We are the slaves of what we want.

So I’m walking out of here,
For I can’t sing this through.
I wish I could paint this town ‘red’,
Wish I could open your eyes to you.

I’ll pledge allegiance to a country without borders,
Where the people have no names.
Let’s raise the flag that’s drained of colours,
Bring down the government.

Let us not depart to the Promised Land,
Let us be free.
Bound by chains, but of the human hand,
Let’s be the anomaly.

The Darkness

Down your neck and through your spine,
In your every breathing nerve.
I see the pictures moving behind your eyes,
As I concede to your hurt.

Been such a long, long time
They’d pray that we depart.
Don’t question what is yours and mine,
This will is shattered from the start.

Now I know all your names,
And I know your places, too.
The letters I never meant to send,
Well, they will get to you.

The light that reclined from your hands,
Will it still be gray…?
You can try, but you won’t understand
These voices in my head.

I wander in this forest all alone,
Oh, won’t you light my way?
Won’t you be my guide, through shadows and light?
Won’t you leave me astray?

The Stone

Today, tonight I watched you die,
With your idols by your side.
Taking down the only flag you raised,
Tattered and torn, it shall be raised again.

It’s not dark yet, even though
The light is dim.
And the wall of reasons,
Is wearing thin.
As the eyes all count,
All your sins.
But the song is done, so let’s begin.

To be the things you want me to be.
To see the things you always see.
To be tied in chains and still be free,
For there is nothing left to lose.

So unlike tomorrows, and for one last time,
Give me a chance, a chance to shine.
I know you know before we were diamonds,
We were just stones in your mine,
Stones in your mine.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007


Did you ever have the feeling that you wanted to go?

And still had the feeling that you wanted to stay...?

How does it matter, can't change anything.

Wash Away

Could you close your eyes and show me the places,
Where everything needn’t make sense?
Will you lay down your arms? Lay down your faces?
Lay down that whole defense?

I am sorting out the reasons to be indiscreet,
Sorting out my alibis.
I’ll give you everything you want and need,
And I’ll surrender all my time.

I’ve bid the past goodbye and wiped out the traces,
Of fingerprints of long ago.
I’ve burnt all their letters that were wasted,
And words that haunted me like ghosts.

So this plea is the only one,
I am but a child.
With his future wasted, a selfish son,
Don’t look at me with those eyes.

Don’t dream with me of those places,
Where nothing ever makes sense.
Just wash me away in the tides of time,
Leave me be tonight in my room full of emptiness.

Saturday, 6 October 2007


Well I see the sun is coming down,
Tired and red against a sky so bruised.
I save my voice for another time,
For now, I’m just coming down with you.

I wish I was different from these walls that surround,
I wish I was better from all that I have heard.
But I’m the same bruise that fades away with time,
Just like these empty, hollow words.

I told you to take a walk in the rain,
You, who were so kind,
I said I like the shelter, but miss the pain,
You told me still you can’t be mine.

You can find me by the edge, rolling in your waves,
I still yield to your hurt.
The burdens you carry, like bridges you burned,
And I am left with nothing but words.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Coming Back To You

I woke and I saw the sunset,
Never pray you would depart.
Lady you’re slipping away like time,
Between the shadows of my heart.

They tell you you are precious,
They say that you’re the one.
And I’m lost in the crowd,
In an army of no one.

Advices washing down my ear,
Never were they true.
And as I watch you drifting,
I’m still coming back to you.

Let us sing a song that don’t mean a thing,
You know I long for your touch.
And I dream about you, still,
Of your whispers that have had enough.

Walls around me everywhere I go,
The silence surrounds me and you should know.
I need you to wash away my sins,
Don’t let me give the lonesome a meaning.

All my tomorrows are wasted,
The future is nothing new.
And I still long for yesterdays,
As I am coming back to you.

When I watch you dreaming,
I try to catch your eye.
You’re only something to dream about,
Like voices of the night.

Like a man lost amongst the ruins,
Like a bird in the skies too high.
Like the moon, shining all alone,
I am counting all my wasted tries.

I have said everything,
Now there is nothing left to do.
What I did was all instead of,
Coming back to you.

Killing Joke

You are wrong...not like always though...

You say I have patience.

That's right.
That's wrong.

You say I can endure.

And now let me tell you how...

Beacuse I am a coward.

And every coward has the amount of patience that lies beyond the normal human degrees of endurance.

So this is my gift.
And it is my curse.

But I ain't spiderman.


Tonight I sleep with no songs in my head,
Just beside you in dreams and the things that we’ve said.
Across the distance, all the reasons echo twice,
And as you blink, I try and catch your eye.

Oh take me as I am, so far away,
Down by the darkness, where you angels fear to tread.
I know I cannot win or bend and sway,
I know I can only be, just myself today.

I see something broken behind your eyes,
It sinks in deeper, like empty skies.
Devoid of the sun, it’s cold and blue,
Just like me tonight, in the thoughts of you.

Monday, 1 October 2007


Hand me scissors...i want to cut my wings and never wanna fly again...ever again...not like i ever knew

Ha....funny, u say? The years have left me disillusioned...this winding road has got me far but left me nowhere...i don't know a way out of here...iam happy i am sad i am sorry...rini's mind's a machine, juliana's mind is lost...and the girls in brazil are so pretty..what the fuck am i doing here in india...why dont you look at me with your eyes? I can change i can change i can change...but who do you want me to be? I am still the same the same the same...and stranger things have I a hero or a pretender or both? I don't quite know...I have a feeling neither do and you never did...u just think you do...just like me...

I hate religion but I've become a preacher myself...preacher full of shit...preacher preaching things he himself doesnt know or can't understand...not because he doesnt want to, but because he can't.

Ever rolled a snow ball down a mountain? Ever spoken with your eyes? Ever dreamed with eyes open wide? Ever smoked a cigarette and watch the smoke fill the air? Ever sung alone? Ever cried while taking a shower? Ever peirced a heart with just words? Ever heard things you don't believe? I have, love, I have.


Iam the same.

An idiot
with a

A soldier
a flower.

A lover
a guitar.

A whisper
in the