Saturday, 23 February 2008


A pair of eyes,
Shut wide.
Just two lips,
Sewn together.
My two hands,
Not able to clap.
Wounded, bandaged
Left raw.
Crawling, dancing
Spinning I am,
On this razor.
And you will listen
My body speaks.


Forgotten Sundays
When we lost everything.
Watched the flame rise,
And killed a cigarette.

Like the given curse.
All tied up to play your part.
Don’t move.
It is done.

Hope recedes.
When I said,
I would let silence speak to you.
You say it best when your lips don’t move.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Dream, if it be your will
Ask me to stay a while.
Lost I am, give me a name,
Unclean, impure…unlike these lands of white.

Remember the faces disappeared in time,
Octagons, hexagons – the rays of the sun.
Pictures of valleys that stretch for miles,
Walk with me, I’ve just begun.

Reasons behind everything, confusion in my soul
I want it out of here, show me the door.
Pictures of places I haven’t been,
Letters to people I haven’t seen.

Waves are coming, waves are gone
Tomorrow is just another day.
Here is not where I belong,
Oh my Clementine, lead me astray.


Just a tear from my soul today,
When all that we once knew, is
Broken, lost, changed and
Made new again.


These embers are all burning bright,
Forgotten by the tide of the day.
Lost in the wilderness of the night,
The wind takes the ashes and blows them away.

These things don’t just come at once,
Woman, you think you’ve changed.
You’re smiling, you’re walking the road
Down and out, but everything’s the same.

All your smiles and all your cries,
All your whispers in the dark.
All your tears and the way you move,
Dancing shadows of my heart.

You walk among all their rants,
Though we’re someone and yet unknown.
Keep walking and you shall find me waiting,
Find me, and I’m not alone.

(photo by Priyani)


Simple, sing me a song tonight,
The one in your heart,
Shining through your eyes.

Don’t sing of the valley, yet unseen
Places where I haven’t been.
The fury and the pace of unnamed streets
Of crystal cuts and white retreats.

Don’t sing of unopened doors, wasted tries
Detours, destinations, deep blue skies.
Don’t sing of the past or lament the future,
Sing of the time that’s passing by.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Empty Spaces

Slow, you are the way you move
Slow, I am just another
Another one in the wrong place
At the right time.

Run, me and you far
Run, for there are no yesterdays
And our tomorrows
They will not understand.

Away, beautiful places I haven’t seen
Away, a tree on a hill blooming shy.
Waiting for the rains
Then wishing it could walk.

Fragile, break into my arms
Fragile, save me from the fall.
Tear down these walls that hide,
The distance between is nothing at all.

(photo by Priyani)