Thursday, 27 February 2014

Half baked

Dripping from my rain cloud
Are ungentle words
Walking without an umbrella
I am soaked in curses and things
I wrote at the back of my high school notebooks
I am scratching my past on a green blackboard
Wishing it'd spell some truth.

Words weigh heavy on the mind

I was a font in lower case and you, a case of missing letters I tried to find
I gave her a needle and became a thread
That went through and she
Pushed and pulled and pushed and pulled
And in that
Pushing and pulling, of my knots and stitches,
I sometimes forgot to see myself as an old sweater coming undone
And turned into an old shoe box to put your memories into
She said I saved too much.

Now words weigh heavy on the mind

And love bears a resemblance to everything unkind
With her mouth poised but closed
She always used her fingers to speak
Her fists to write and her eyes to sing.

Now there is only silence that sleeps besides me in my bed

The grassy park of romance is now a parking lot
And I’m known to vanish or only fire blanks
Like giant tanks without ammunition
I stand here wishing the wall could punch me back.

But words weigh heavy on the mind

And love bears a resemblance to everything I wanted to find
With her face closed she lay with silent eyes
On the bed I made
With weapons drawn she said"You must be unkind"
"Unkind?" I asked
Yes, unkind. To be and survive.

I turned away like a grain of sand

And slept with a dream of the sea.

And rose above the tides to say,Give me an ocean of waves

Not a dead sea where I float lifeless
For I am a mellow ghost haunting no one
Be true to the wind and trust the shores I've been
Tossing and turning with your tides

Let me swim within you
Don’t be calm
Speak like a storm
Sing like a swarm of birds
Gathered above the rolling waves
And know you will find me washed
But unchanged.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


I'm words for hire
But my eyes are tired
And my voice is gone.
I've burned bridges
But I don't set fires
Just to see how
High the flames would go.