Monday, 26 November 2007

Faces in the Attic

Faces that you let go of,
Maybe just for a day.
So that you may choose your tricks
With care, and
Faces that I found hidden behind your hands,
Taking shelter from the sun.
And some I found in old and forgotten,
Bat infested ruins.
And we two, were lucky enough to be
With you.
Exchanging secrets over cigarettes and cheap tea.
Forgetting time like it reminds us so often.
So tell me again how you’ve been everywhere,
Everywhere but home.

Sunday, 25 November 2007


Could you be my star?
That which I can chase through the dark…
That which guides me through the shadows.
Like kohl in your eyes,
Like one with the night.
Rambling as I do,
Drifter that I am,
But so are you…

Secret Place

I know a place without a name,
Will you lead or trace my shadows?
Down where I meet yours,
In our little place, without a name.

The circles, they just spin…
All clich├ęs sound the same…
No pieces fall in place…
Turn that page and just,
Leave it all behind.

Heaven can run for those who follow
Hell shall be forgiven tomorrow.

And can you hear yesterday’s sighs?
And do you fear all those late goodbyes?
Are you a child who’s lost in time?
Or are you like me, coming down the line?

I know I’m wrong,
Mother, I’ve sinned today.
But I wish not to forgive,
So lead me astray
Far, far away.

And since you’re the only one in here who feels the same…

Walk with me till we reach that place,
Down where things come to a start,
Our secret palace, without a name.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Now and Then

Choices, choices, choices
Lost in al their voices.
And who’s to say you’ll still be here,
When colours fade in the valley sky.
A wreck tonight, and you’ve come undone,
You found a reason to smile…

And it’s not always baby,
But it’s always now and then.

Treasons, reasons, reasons
Hottest, coldest seasons.
Whose to say you’ll still be near,
When ashes change to dust and die.
We’re innocent tonight, we were mislead,
But we found a reason to smile…

And it’s never always love,
It’s always now and then.

Yellow light and butterflies,
Across my darkened room.
Shades of white and string less kites,
Messages from the moon.
A little lonely, as I sing tonight,
When I think of you…

And its not always baby,
It’s always now and then.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007


There were places like this so long ago,
Places where our legs would sway from the trees.
Like flags with prayers and leaves in the wind,
Which carried them away,
Far away to distant lands.

Places where the ghosts, they all roamed free,
And walked amongst us, the living dead.
Just one day closer, just one step away.

Where candles burnt and melt with wax.
And the stories were almost true…

Four feet behind and four in front,
Four besides and four again.
You could see the road bending and singing,
Down where we were one, we were all.

Places with summer running down the stream,
Wishing, waiting, watching you rise.
And many have I seen, just like before.
There was a time like this but it is not now.
A face, your face…your eyes…and a night that haunts.
There was a face like yours, but not anymore.

So tell me again, how I long to be asked,
Why always silence before dawn?
Wake up now and open your eyes.
Tonight let me watch you sleep
You can turn around and make me smile.

And there were places,
Places that you found, so far away,
In your head or across your eyes,
Where the sky was bruised in blue.
Could you take me back, lead me astray?
And I will stay with you.

Monday, 19 November 2007


I lie hot and naked tonight,
Pouring water to drown my sins.
Waiting for the world to pass us by,
Could you slip under this skin?

Is it all just an illusion?
Like the promise of the sun to shine?
All the reasons to reason you beliefs,
Don’t believe the voice inside.

The hollow men are there,
Tonight in my hall.
They whisper what they say,
One by one they fall.

And I tell them once – hell,
I tell ‘em twice.
Sometimes you got to be empty,
Just to find the light.

I like to thank you still,
For your wisdom in my heart.
All your wicked lies,
That push me back to the start.

So when words have lost their meanings,
And no road will let you stray.
Let’s find a song to sing,
As we walk out in the rain.

And you can find me tonight,
Rolling in your waves.
I still feed the beast inside,
Just to kill the pain.

The madness in my head is nothing new,
So let me drown my sins.
I’ll wait for you to pass me by,
And slip under my skin.

The moon shines its light,
The sun goes down the same.
And your thoughts are just,
Dirty soap and water down the drain,
Just dirty soap and water,
Down my drain.


And I got dirty feet,
From all the miles that I have walked.
Not far from the distance between,
But still, back to the start.

This is meant to fall from grace,
An end to our demise.
Just like your breath, not on my face,
When I stare into your eyes.

So give me reasons and reasons again,
But never say a word.
And like the darkness, fade away into the sun,
Or descend into my sick, sad, little world.

Maybe you’re the only one with a choice,
And I am lost and free.
Devoid of a face, of a voice,
With something trapped inside of me.

The more I tell,
The more I find.
Your taste on my tongue,
And the things we’ve left behind.

So foretell me all the petty events,
The premonitions your songs couldn’t prevent.
Twisted tongues and the words you spent,
One day, I won’t be permanent.

Bugle and Drum

I heard the bugle and the drum,
They rolled on and on all night.
Slipping away like marching soldiers.
Between shadows and the light.

And I heard the call of darkness,
Of our nation’s precious sins.
They mix like blood in water,
And flow somewhere within.

Like a bird whose lost its prey,
It has no wings to glide.
This time I shall surrender,
Break into your once deep-blue skies.

So have you heard the news today?
Women and children were not spared.
Kiss your babies goodnight,
Wish they weren’t there…

So I heard the bugle and the drums,
As the generals, they spoke without any words.
Twisted and frayed, they were broken still,
And went down in silence-unwept, unknown and unheard.

A Poet Must Die

As the court lies in session,
All the ladies feign a sigh.
With a cloth laced with velvet,
They dry the tears in their eyes.

They’re calling out my name,
And an eerie silence falls.
Out I come, with my shame,
In your blind and blackened hall.

For every borrowed phrase,
For every little lie,
For the songs that you sing,
All through the night.

For the voices that you hear,
And all your wasted tries.
For the scars that you bear,
A poet must die.

There is just no one to blame,
Their voices are all true.
Point your bony fingers to my face,
Et tu brute, et tu.

Oh father, don’t you look at me,
Mother, don’t you cry.
Brother, sport some apathy,
And save it till I die.

For the things that you see,
For the secrets that you hide.
For the things that you say,
And all your demons inside.

For all the voices that you hear,
For all your reasons why.
And for all your treasons and deceits,
A poet must die.