Sunday, 4 February 2007


Nothing could compare
To the moment I open up my gaze.
Only to find you there
And I’m lost in your smile
Can you help me be,
The way I was before?
I need to feel alive.
To see the world changed
I made a deal with the devil
And lost my name.
I lost my self,
And I lost my soul.
I lost my baby,
Wish I had it all…
The future is bright
But I hope, that future’s not burning.
And I let the past be
The way it was, insignificant.
You can’t light it up,
For all I know.

1 comment:

Morning Dew said...

even i hav a piece called 'to be'. so obvisly, the title appealed.its nice, you xplord a different theme this tym, and did it justice....