Sunday, 30 November 2008

Strange Daze

Today the sky looked like it had Johndis...(is that the correct way to spell it??)...Johndiz, Jhondiss, John-dhish! What a weird word.

And I felt like a fat string on C sharp tuning being struck with with chord forms, i dont know where the abuse was coming from...but it was there, maybe in my own head...i dont know.

Never before have i seen so much death and disease around my house and in the world outside...its so easy to kill and even easier to point a finger, maybe soon these things will take over our ability to think if they havent already, but i hope that never happens.

What do i say now? Dont want to say the obvios so i shall refrain, practise discretion which was given to me by those around me...thank you for the venom, fuckers.

Porn wont take you far, reality is stranger...try getting off on that.

And here's a something about the weather that Nagma did not predict...winters will be colder this year.

Friday, 28 November 2008


Naked, you are
Someone you are not
When clothed.

You let it slide,
The garb that hides
Seashore lines, apple’s crescent
I watch the moonlight shining,
Clinging to your skin in darkness, where
There is nothing left to peel.

And I’m doused
In every inch of you.
Lazy quicksand, beautiful
When my breath on your navel
Moves those little snails,
They crawl and shy away inside.

My fingers trace the dawn to come,
As we smile and hum our songs of tomorrow.
When all finalities are reached
And the banalities approved, avoided
We are left but final with ourselves
Naked, under a blanket.

And after all premonitions have
Come to pass, you
Ask to be moulded
Made new,
My hesitant muse.

But naked, you take,
A different shape
From your disguise.
Like sand from an hourglass,
In my hands.

Thursday, 27 November 2008


Let me in
I have been waiting
By your door
Lose control
Give out, give in

Hold me down, I’ve been running
Though these steps won’t take me far
For I find you everywhere I go
In words and rhymes and deepest scars

I am blue like your skin
Like the bruise that raids
And burns your smile.
And I am back where I

Square one
The rain,
You know,
That sort of a thing.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Song of the Sparrow

Running through your words,
I can see where
I’ve been coming from.
I run through my streets just the same
With a different shade.

Swimming in your skies
I can say I belong to a stranger place.
It’s not the same
From such great heights.

I was there beside you when
You saw the field burn.
I was hovering around you when
They took the statues down.

Mama don’t run from
The voices in your head.
When they throw you in a room
Make you confess.

Father be good
To you daughters and sons
Your quivering hands were never meant
To guide that bullet in the gun.

You say, ‘what of the rats
That ruined my brother’s meal?’

Don’t you know by now?
Painted fingers
Don’t always spell change.
But the hands that have none
Shall write me down again.

Fear That Gives Us Wings

Everyday, the same
Shouting at the sky
Feel my heart collide
With her to break.

Everyone, the same
I can’t tell you what I’ve been doing
You, who goes to sleep at 11:00 pm,
With you I laugh.

I won’t get to sing with the man upstairs
And my songs will never rhyme
Or slide on my tongue.
I won’t get to dance with the girl downstairs
No one stops this rain, a picture in my head.
Spiral web, my spiral web
Poems in my dream that you took
None on my page.

Reasons are blossoming outside my window
Too far, they can’t be plucked
And made my own
Because you want them back.
You want it all back.

I am not ready for the fall
But I know it is fear that Gives us wings.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Here time waits for you to pass,
Prayer flags mutter your name in tune with the leaves.
And the fireworks arrive just in time
They point a finger and mirror your eyes.

Dancing down the valley, you
Crept closer during conversations
Your hands grew rough as we carved
A road through that hill.
I waited at the turn
For strangers that never came. Though,
Echoes were heard
And songs were sung,
The setting sun got the better of us.

Remember how we learnt to laugh at
Locks at chains and similar things?

An old man with trees’ roots and maps
And blue of your skin that showed me the way
I was lost in your world, in forgotten cities.
But now the silence of the sun, that
Yawns, aches and rises to find
The candle has melt, the smoke is gone
And maybe a dog
Still waits for us by the waterfall.

(photo by Priyani...thank you)

Thursday, 6 November 2008


I say love, it has taken too long for
Me to find hopes and miracles, but you
Built a nest, kept it all safe

Maybe I never leave, I just keep
Drawing circles, raising walls to make
You stay. But I’m not here, I disappear

Just A Whisper

Silence lives beyond those doors
It answers no one but speaks
To some. I too, have tried to chase
That smile but it fades like
Water from seashores after the
Waves are gone.

Maybe we are but pawns trying to
Be kings or queens. Shake us when you
Hold that tree and we will come down
Swaying in the wind like an autumn leaf.
Call to us through the fog, we shall sing
And serenade, as you please.

This song is not the last time I
Hold my head down and confess, like
Graffiti on the wall which no one will read,
If you have run all your life, it should be
Easier to walk.