Friday, 23 February 2007


I got a ball rolling
Around my head
There are memories of everything
I’ve ever felt

This road I’m walking,
Just the same.
Down and out
But never again.

Do you want my paycheck?
Are you looking for a name?
Well you can keep the money, bitch
And you could go insane.

She kisses mirrors,
Reflection of her face.
They say she’s beautiful
A living picture in a frame.

They say she’s everything
I don’t see the same.
Now she’s dancing in the courtyard
Screaming all my names.

I wanna see you naked
In her body and her thought.
Lay you down like a grenade,
Blow the fucking pin off.

- Sometimes I feel horny too...


"effervescencia" said...

you blow my mind...honest.
into a million smithereens... that was 'judd'....

Shraddha said...

sometimes i tend to forget that u can be a typical guy too.....awesome poem boy......yeah we all get horny smtimes.....

Anonymous said...

this is Gonna be the gr8st rock song on the planet!!!!!!!!!-kabeer