Monday, 12 January 2015

I will not wait for you

I will not wait for you
or your eyes that never turn
for the world is a wheel
And you only gather hate like dust
sweeping forgotten toys under your bed.

I don't mind
If your hands are not reaching out
For me
If your arms don't graze
The grass on this field
My feet tramples with joy
If your palms aren't waves
That take me in
And little by little,
We all must forget

For the sky to open
to see walls crumble and broken
to feel the heat of the wave
before the cold hits.

For I decline
The things that shine
For a thousand names they recall
For stretching sleeves of my hand
For uncertain shelters

Once I know
I'm nothing new
I will not wait for you
but if your eyes do wander
towards the roads I made

Know I am but an empty sky
Bereft of pregnant clouds
a string-less kite
your fingers point nowhere.
In your resolve
my chains are broken
in your gaze
my solace grows weak.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Lady with palette of
elaborate tastes
colour my hours with your shade.
Your hair scattered like words
by the shore
and all the letters come rushing in
like pieces of crooked giants
crumbling at your feet.
And I, with my legs of clay
wait for the waves to simmer
like the storm in your teacup
as you close your lips
to wish the summer away.
And inching closer
to the cold taking over
I try and write a poem
for your eyes.
When I’d rather be
kissing you
hiding behind an old couch
by the window
of your crumbling house.