Friday, 11 March 2011

When You Are Not Here

To you when you are not here
Words cannot contain your small hands
The curve beneath your eye, turning of your little toes
And pink lips like petals.

A page cannot hold you
The lazy river that you are
Beautiful, you curse and make your way
Through different shades of the evening moon
It cannot seize
The fire that you breathe, like
A crimson planet
And the threads you spin
With the needle of your fingers.

This is for you so that it stays with you and may
Touch you when you are not with me
And as I watch the curtains sleep,
In my cold, cold room
Silence speaks your name.

This is for the time when, in the unspoken language
Of glances, smiles and slight brush of your arm
We forgot about the sun and every clock
A time when we were
Mortals in our Eden
Looking for a place to fall.