Thursday, 26 March 2009

My Lady's Home

In my lady’s home, the curtains dance.
They whisper as they reveal
The sun they hide.
While summer sleeps in
The playground of her youth,
And remembers the lines racing
Through her smile.

She needs no armour for
Battles in her dream.
She needs no shelter for pictures,
Of childhood in the rain.
She never knew any spells for little miracles,
Like toy soldiers and pencils that defy shape.

In my lady’s home, the trees sway
And in the moonlight, she says
They come alive.
While she gazes outside the window
The breeze plays with her dark, dark hair
Her eyes mirror a city
Shining in the night.

She needs no words for the songs she sings.
She needs no reigns
For a heart untamed.
And why pray today
For a better tomorrow?
A silent hymn never broke our chains.

And sometimes in my lady’s home
I hear the sounds of freedom
The breaking of the waves
Rising of the sun.
And I become a slave to all I’ve seen
To the beauty in her eyes
When the day’s begun.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Morning Lullaby

(Verse 1)
In the morning, when
The sun will rise
Half in my sleep
I’ll kiss your eyes.

And then you’ll ask
Is this the end?
I’ll smile and say,
We’ll meet again…friend.

And with these words
I’ll take you far.
‘Cuz in, in our dreams
We’re just who we are.

(Verse 2)
Summer’s in her shoes
Lines through her smile
Forget my autumn bruise
Fruits of denial.

(Chorus 2)
Some say, I’ll never learn
Anything, so take me far.
Meet me in our dreams
Where we’re just who we are.

(little guitar thingy)

Now tears are flowing,
Climbing down your smile
Like trains and mirrors,
This will pass you by.

Here Comes the Rain (song)

(Verse 1)
When bodies glide
In a silent room
Strangers wait for the afternoon
I sit alone and sing.

Let’s forget, wrong or right
Who’s the first and who’s the last
There’s always time to think.

Here comes the rain – 2
Washing down again
Here comes the rain.

(Verse 2)
And when we met
Words were bled
Thoughts meandered in our head
It all just ends too soon.

I remember, everything
Places I’ve been to
Things I’ve seen
I’ll never leave this room.

(Repeat Chorus)

Now I haunt
This empty space
I’m an autumn leaf
Flying in the wind
And all I’ll say is…

(Repeat Chorus)

Untitled and Incomplete (song)

(Verse 1)
Stuck in the attic
You move through letters
You curse all the static
Caught in your head

It seems that you doubt it
The course of the weather
Sometimes it’s good to find
What you’re lookin’ for

Cuz…don’t we breathe the same, love?
Don’t we need the same…?

If I (song)

(Verse 1)
Have you seen my woman?
She was born in the rain
Have you seen that child?
With songs in her head?

Like a picture in a frame
She’s tried to be free
Oh, it’s all the same
Can’t you see?

I’d ask you to stay
Just for a while
If it helps you to stand
If it makes you smile

(Pre chorus)
The time for starters
Has gone out of hand
What doesn’t make you a woman
Will it make you a man?
And rest assured, I’ll do all I can

If I could, then I would.

(Verse 2)
Did you see my woman
When she danced in the rain?
Did you see her cry?
When her thoughts, they bled

And I promise I won’t take
Most of your time
Unless it helps you to stand
And if it makes you smile.

(Pre chorus 2)
‘Cuz these thoughts in my head
You wouldn’t understand
Does it make you a woman
To not be a man?
And rest assured,
I’ll do all I can

If I could, then I would.


Hold On (song)

(Verse 1)
And to those who preach
Could you look around and see
What have you done?

And to those who know
Tell me the truth
Is this what we've become?

And I forgive, I forget
Just an inch
An inch is left
Of this resolve
Don’t let it go.

When time itself slips away
Could we hold on...?
Could we hold on...?

Innocence is lost today
Could we hold on...?
Yeah, hold on...?

(Verse 2)
Neighbours fighting - left or right
Promised land, take me back
I don’t want nowhere to belong belong

And I forgive, I forget
Just a breath
A breath is left
In this heart
Don’t let it part

(Repeat chorus)

Why can’t difference ring the same?
Pointed fingers, (with) everyone to blame
Why can’t we stop this war?

(Repeat chorus)

Fingerprints (song)

(Verse 1)
Roads will take you where you wanna go
But who will show you where you wanna be?
If you think you've gotten too far from home
I’ll smile and hush your eyes to sleep

I’m not in this, i listen to you
Never say a word above to me

cuz I still wait for
And I still wait
And I bleed

(Verse 2)
I sing this one for every broken heart
Don’t know who you were, who you are
She’s not in this, always next to me
Sing and laugh again, set me free.

(Repeat chorus)

(Breakdown...or something like it!!)
Fingerprints are climbing up the wall
We crash and burn (but) we never take the fall
You’re not in this, I speak the truth
The only thing I could not be was you.

(Repeat chorus)


An Unfinished Song

*something i started two years back but still havent managed to finish*

So sweet when she rolls on the floor,
Heaven in her heart
But in her eyes,
All I see is hell.
There are colours she spoke of today,
But when she dried up and twisted
All that’s left was grey.

Oh she’s walking down the hall
Thinking of her future
Those little eyes of her,
They cannot pretend.
And I’m all out of my excuses,
I’ve fallen hard and dirty
Goodbye woman, this is the end.


What do you want with yesterdays? She said.

‘To not know what I need to forget’

I replied.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Dreaming Backwards

In the blue of the night,
When words rise from the ground
Aching, bending, swaying
Like a woman awakens at dawn.
Like smoke in a chain of rings together.
I will return to the shade of our time
To the unspoken word,
And just a smile
To the rhythm of our steps in the sun
To the shadows in which we fused,
And were lost.