Saturday, 31 October 2009


'Whats with you and cracks'? She said.

'Time and again I find myself in one', is what I didn't.


There is a void.
A gaping hole.
A chasm full of echoes.
A mirror cracked.
That's me in between.

Thursday, 29 October 2009


when they cut the trees down
there were green bruises on the ground.

Where I Stand

I live at the edge of my city
A spot of fading green in the corner
A world within a world, and getting smaller
Of blue swords dividing the land
And people in the cracks
A stranger to paradise
Stranger than paradise.

Everyday the mirror of the sun
Is who we are
We, who used to ache with silence,
Now speak with the same.
Our conversations with voices across the river
Our love
Just a passing of the seasons.

Here I fought a blue beast
That brought me the gift of fear.
Here I lived a yellow night
That left you in my veins.

Again I break from my shell
As clouds break over the dawn
And I rise
And I wait
For the music to come.