Sunday, 4 February 2007


I’m a man on the ledge
I got nowhere to turn.
All the ropes and knots,
And second thoughts live in isolation.

Puddles on the floor, know you’ve come
Salt in the wound, know you don’t care
Don’t try to find me in empty halls,
I’m already here.

How can you not know what you’ve done?
You were wrong all the time.
With time on your side,
You made me lose mine.

Something you just can’t change,
We’ve grown up orphans, again
With a cross and a song,
I’ll carry your memories with me.

Let the wind carry me away,
With the leaves, I’ll dry up and blow.
I’ll find the answer in my own sadness,
One day, we all must go.

1 comment:

Morning Dew said...

its a bit too much of the usual.... nothin different abt it... the same stuff ppl ryt abt.