Monday, 31 March 2008

‘Not the tides’, she said
They recede.
But have you ever walked backwards?
Like they do on ice…
The way back is always
Shorter and easier.
But we should be moving on.
Through silent walks
And histories, morbid
Of cities and kings of long ago
In a place we sometimes
Call our own, our home.


The night passed with my wrist, bent
Not behind your back.
Yellow light on your forehead,
You are

Walked until the end
Just to bid you goodbye
Kept all our promises, new
Crunched every leaf on the road.
Jumped every crack with a smile.

And then I turned to see,
The sun going down.
Leaving me to dream,
Of the next time
We would touch.

I turned back and smiled.
Walked over colours, wild.
‘How far would we go?’
‘How far we’ve come.’


There’s no hiding from the sun today.
The war is won.
The shades are gone.
And in this silence,
I, night, await.
And recall the names writ in stone.

Could you perhaps,
Wash over me?
Wash everything on the inside out,
Unclean, impure
Bandage the wounds.
Then tell me your name,

Death resides in lonely woods,
In us all.
I don’t hear
The bird’s song anymore.
I don’t hear it anymore.
I hear it at the door,
Footsteps and wind.
The one who is not lost,
And it calls me with open arms,

Disarmed, Again

When I’m done with my castles,
I’ll resort to circles, round.
On your face, your eyes, your hands, open wide,
Sans tools, wild – lest you be harmed,
With hammers and chisels of
Every shape and size.
Yet, I’ll break thy mould
And leave you disarmed.
To come unto me,
Undo my chains.
They leave me bound
And gagged again.

Together in the ocean, we shall stir,
A storm unseen and never heard.
Then together, depart to lands of green,
In your eyes, map of the world.

The Red

I am lost in the streets of red.
Like a kite stuck in the tree.
Pillars of white.
The only home for pigeons.

I’m being pulled and pushed
From one eye to the next.
Some strange as strangers.
Some cloaked by a veil.
Smiling, and then looking away
Leaving me with just a song.

Summer and the silver shine
Wires run through all your ears.
Fill to the brim, like tears
In your eyes.
When I think to myself,
Maybe I’m alone.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Not The End, But...

Not the same when the waves get high.
Didn't make these for us, for them.
And I won't let go when you have no songs to sing.
Nothing to lose, promises,
When we sleep as we are, alone.
When you swim through another,
Just the same.
Remember me and the games we played.
The roads we took,
And lost our way.
The things we broke
And the words we shaped.
Watched the sun go down,
There we lay.

If it comes to this,
Of tears, cracks, chasms,
I wont sing this the same.
For there’s a world that waits,
For us to unfold.
And there’s so much,
That remains,

Saturday, 15 March 2008

When It Comes To Distances...

To dream of you and not say a word
But I’ve
Seldom been so sure before
Paper cuts, everything I’ve done.
Mirror’s lies, mother’s sigh
Light the candle,
Watch the road unwind.

Is there trouble now in silence?
Like paper walls and empty halls,
Burn it down.
Break them down.

Down the valley where tears come to an end
Too far down
The places you’ll never see
The things you will never know.
Across the ravines where I found you waiting,
Through the green, where colours collide,
My storm is resting.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Dreams of You

Should I let you slide like the summer sun?

Rise into my hands
And settle like dust.
Come together now
I need to believe.
In circles and other shapes.

The see all wires

And all walls

Every myth destroyed.

And time
Fall apart.

I do.

Breathe into me
Your fire.
Into my cold and catatonic hands.
Your light down on me.
Treat me lazy.
I need that dream with you again.


The storm in your breast
Is nothing new.
It’s your heart,
Beating still.

The stories in your eyes
Are never old.
They always lead
Somewhere else.

The lines in your smile
Sand dunes.
Rising, falling,
Never the same.

There were times when
I’d wish you’d burn, and
Keep at it.
The fire inside will never cease.
Unlike the winters, gone
But you remain.

(photo by Saranya...thanks!)


Laugh, forgotten cries of yesterday.
Sing, the birds have gone
All flown away.

Talk, if words will complete
Fill these empty spaces.
That ring in between when,
Silence speaks.

Watch, let me lay awhile.
Where people surround
And I disappear.

Hear, sounds that won’t go away
Leave me be, where
I am you and you are me.
Alone again,
To take the fall.


Time is wasting
None is left.
Washing down the silver clouds.
Branches off its leaves.
Men and all they’ve done.
Leaving behind this
Trepid seeking
To find, to yield
Something more.