Saturday, 17 February 2007

Mind Riot

Washing down the writing on the wall
Feeling lost and oh so small
Lights go out and the noise goes down
I’ve seen it all; I’ve seen it all.

Who do you follow? Where do you lead?
Lost causes and questions in my head.
The city streets beneath my feet
They make it harder to walk away…

Walking still,
I feel my mind riot.
This place makes it worse,
All this noise inside the quiet.

Everyone’s asking questions
From the distance to my home
Leave me be here in my mind
No one sings like you anymore…

You’re jaded…you’re faded
I’ll leave you alone.
So god damn serrated
Grinding through my bones.

Standing still while,
I see the others run and hide
The voice inside my head makes it worse
All this noise inside the quiet.

Running in circles
Dancing in squares
Chasing you down unknown roads
Only if this could lead nowhere…

1 comment:

"effervescencia" said...

i feel lik i wanna dance,i wanna rejoice.thr is smthn supremely decisive, vehemently winning about this poem...
"i've seen it all"
lik nothn else can go worse...
and the pic ties in wonderfully with the poem