Friday, 29 September 2006


Crazy and on fire, learning to fly
Putting me down, my sweet little lies
The pain is a souvenier, the rest is just surprise
Tasted nothing yet, but sweet decline.
One of my turns, my soul will burn
Show me what I've missed, show me what you've learnt.
I'm a wreck, but I'm not done
It's funny we're together, but we're not one.
I long to be loved, I love to be alone
We turn away from the future when the past is gone.
I'll still keep you, that is for sure
I'm not something you need to know.
Your head is high, you fear nothing at all
The bird in your straw, I'll take the fall
Someone you can call, I'll sing your song
The blood on your floor, the scream in your hall.
The time has come, it's going nowhere
I've read between the lines, but no one cares.
Take a walk with me, if you dare
Everything is bitter, but atleast you're here...


I wish you weren't so beautiful in my eyes
Wish I could tell you my sweet little lies
Wish you would stop singing me these lullabies
I can't sleep with eyes open wide.
Fallen angel, I've laid a path for you.
I'm hoping you would learn a trick or two
Still the same flesh and bone
You're telling me you don't know if I have you.
You've always been the reason why
The scars you gave me were always worthwhile
And if I don't measure up to who you want me to be
I'll grow some wings, pretend to fly.
Someone dies and someone heals.
Some pray while others steal.
Some may rise and some may kneel,
You're alive the day you start to feel.
I'm in the night that fills your sky.
I'm in the dreams that made you fly.
I'm in the tear that fell from your eye.
Still wait for you, across the divide.
I wish you weren't so beautiful in my eyes
Wish I could question all the reasons why
Wish I didn't fall, wish I could rise
Come out from the shadows,
Aren't you weary of the hide?


Her eyes are soft, mellow still
I feel the heat inside of november kill.
I got a question on the rise,
Pretend you know me, rest is just surprise.
I've seen you change,
The here and the now
The past is like a window sill,
Only one way to go.
The autumn comes and leaves do blow,
The things inside your head,
I'll never know...
The colour and the shape,
Riddles in my hand.
So I throw open the windows,
Call out to you through the land.
Still bound to these chains,
I've been wishing I can break free.
My vision lies, I just don't believe what I see
Your stony stare stretches a thousand miles,
The crack inside your bleeding heart it's me.

Thursday, 28 September 2006


Shadows aren't that plain to see
The television's feeding me
I wonder why I'm programmed
To feel this way
To waste this life
It's not what I choose to be
Maybe that's why...I suffer


Lonely is my head,
With thoughts of you...
Dark as my soul,
With thoughts of you...
I'm beginning to want all that I can't have
Black as my heart,
With thoughts of you...
She said we will meet
In my head, you're already there
I'll remember where we used to talk
Smiling eyes and stony stares...
Last chances, no kisses goodbye
Separate glances meet, but why?
What is the use of this world?, she said...
Darkness around me, I can't explain
I want to give in to this, surrender
Feeling is a weight I'm under
Which is the way this road goes?
Well I guess no one really cares
And no one wants to know...
I'd rather meet you on the streets
Walking away, wishing you weren't here
I'll follow you to your jaded steps
If you turn, I won't be there...
Hollow as I converse,
With the thoughts of you...
Can't put these down in words,
The thoughts of you...
I'm beginning to want all that I can't have...
I'm succeeding to speak like I'm fucking mad.

Not My Time

Forgotten by time
Betrayed by lust
I sit in a corner
And gather dust.
My shodaow stretches out on the wall
Alone, I crumble and fall
Memories rush in my head
For it is only the memories
That I've left...
Some mirror cracks in distance
Somebody dies in vain
Some wither or fall away
Some can't handle the pain...
It won't rain today
The sun won't shine
The darkness will engulf all
This day won't be mine...

Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Man With Rain In His Shoes

There's a woman I love. One day I thought I'd tell her how I feel...but, being the bumbling fool that I am...I couldn't. So I walked in the rain from my school till my house...which is something like 7km...and I had this fear of lightening...atleast i was glad I finally, once and for all, got over that fear...even though that girl said no to me...but that journey taught me many things...this one's about that...

Walking in the rain, you say,
You tell me you rather be alone,
You want to make it on your own.
I respect the change in you because,
You're already gone.

Like the sun refuses to shine,
And I can't avoid the light,
Prison chains chain my mind.

Oh mama, sometimes life's a sad song.
And we all do what we must,
And it goes on...
Hey mama, I said - sometimes life's a sad song,
And I do what I can,
To sing along...

Outside the rain falls,
Dark, heavy and slow
And I find the reason in the clouds,
One day, I too, must go...

Down in the playground of youth,
Children play and refuse to grow old.
It's sad how life forgets,
The dreams that their hands hold...

Hey mama, don't the young grow old...?
When does the times come?
Tell me, do I have to go?
Oh mama, don't the time just fly by...?
Leaving us with nothing to hold on to...

Will you be there?
When I come crawling home...?
And can you hear me now?
Because I'm singing.

Oh mama, I'm singing.

I always thought i knew her...always thought I could tell what she feels...but when i reached my home I knew for sure that the journey is way more important than the end...

Friday, 15 September 2006

where am i goin...?

damn...wat i was afraid of is happening...or u can say it was inevitable...unavoidable...i've just bin posting poems on this blog...i shud do more...

Monday, 11 September 2006


She speaks in riddles,
A horrible liar, but never wrong,
Forewarned me about the things to come,
She is the one who wrote this song.

God's dice, fell so hard,
Before you know it, you're back to the start.
Told her to remember the things I should've said,
Please stay a child somewhere in your heart...

Slow down a little, the stars are coming out,
Another riddle,that's what you're all about.
Take my hand, feel free to glide,
Let go of it all, your dreams become the sky.

I know I don't have the answers,
To all the innocent questions you choose to speak.
Still getting used to the shifting distance,
Sometimes all you need, is release.

There are no wheres or whys,
No one gives and no one tries.
Questions and answers, riddles in my hands.
So I throw open the windows,
Call out to you through the land.

Sunday, 10 September 2006

Clumsy Angel

My clumsy angel with your broken wings,
Hurt beyond repair.
Mocking tones, but still you sing,
Of love and hope, never of despair.
Come down, come down tonight,
I'll try to mend you with my hands.
The echo of the past crashes like a thousand tides,
No one showed us to the land...
Like sleepwalking in a dream,
Everything I see and touch is new.
Don't fly away into the sky...yet,
I dont know if i have you.
Lift me from these shadows,
Redemption is right where i fell.
And that old feeling, those lies resurface,
Salvation might just be another hell.
Teach me how to grow them wings, I wish to fly,
My clumsy angel, you're never good with lies.
I know i dreamed you a sin and wished you goodbye,
And I know I don't belong in heaven,
But it's not wrong to try....


How can you fly,
And not be able to land?
How can you be free,
But still be alone?
How can you swim thorough the ocean,
Walking on sand...
Thinking the waves will guide you home....?
How can you be wrong,
and still be true?
How can you not see,
everything I made for you?
Them distant tides are crashing, still
Promises change, and
Promises will...
So take my hand
lead me through the land
Crash and burn, I'm turning blue
and finally i understand the feelings of the few...
Stony stares - everywhere
Jaded faces - everyone
Fading smiles, faded dream
Diamond in the rough
I'm turning blue,
I'm turning blue...

Mary Jane

We Would meet by the tree,
Take a trip in her head.
She'd promise each day to set me free,
I'd always remember the things she said.

She said she will set the world on fire,
I was glad the things would change.
We watched it burn, the flames got higher,
She said her name was Mary Jane.

She told me the earth is spinning round,
But here no one's one.
She would hang from the tree, upside down,
I always knew what she would become.

She changed her name and fought a war,
Always said the world would stay the same.
I watched her grow old, tired and weak,
Her name was Mary Jane.