Wednesday, 26 September 2007


In your valleys of silence,
I heard the poet’s sigh.
All his dreams are gone,
Lost, in the darkness of the night.

Across the streets laden with stones,
You can hear your mothers cry.
And through the cracks, the light is shown,
Like questions in your eyes.

Don’t sit still with your pistola,
Waiting for a change.
Look outside, see your ravaged lands,
Watch the blood come down with the rain.

Do you see history repeating itself?
And yes, it’s humour, but in vain.
Let the rain wash away who I am tonight,
Cold and noble, till I’m no one again.

And I waited for your hollow words,
The promise of the sun you said will shine.
Now let me wade through the silence,
Let me be one with the voices of the night.

No more! The innocence that is lost,
No more! The roots of yesterday.
No more! The solitude that you spoke of,
Through the rising moon, we’ll find our way.


I’ve been losing the battles I’m playing,
It’s been too late and far too long.
Come to me and make me believe,
I can do no wrong.

When you run with the roses,
Don’t the thorns prick your side?
A scar for each day,
And you always got to hide.

With the voices of your pasts,
Behind the mascara in your eyes,
Between the echo of the distance,
Well, that’s just surprise.

Do you ponder among the unknown?
Sing your little song…
I’ve seen the future, brother,
And I know it won’t be long.

For ghosts to take over,
And rise from the stone.
Erase all our tomorrows,
Till there’s nothing left at all.


It’s ringing in the night,
Through a hole in the air.
It’s in our mother’s sighs,
But it ain’t exactly there.

It’s in our father’s wars,
It’s in the acid showers.
Between our cries for help,
Stuck in random hearts.

It’s in my baby’s eyes,
It’s burning like chrome.
Across these bruised skies,
Like a message, unknown.

It’s in the morning sun,
In the pin of the grenade.
Across the roads we’ve walked,
When we were left astray.

It’s in the dead man’s ears,
In the general’s drum.
It’s the third world’s fear,
Like the sound of the gun.

You can run for miles,
Turn every page.
When you know the answer,
Don’t be afraid.

Don’t hide behind the wall,
With the things that you’ve learnt.
Please heed the call,
Before the warning comes.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

My Dream

I seem to be settling in,
From where I once began.
I sometimes feel I can’t win,
And I can’t fly to land.

I let go of the pain,
Of your shaking hand.
I let go of the past,
All alone, I take my stand.

Friends turn to foes,
And enemies are respected.
I sometimes feel so numb,
But somehow, I’m affected.

I can fool you easily,
Say I don’t feel dejected.
Still I feel, in my pond,
The past is still reflected.

I still feel I can win,
Only if I try.
And I live to tell the tale,
Of the truth from the lie.

A thousand dreams I had,
All of them ended with a sigh.
I just have one more,
And I won’t wish it goodbye.


Look around you, my dew eyed boy.
You can see a world, changed.
It’s in its tomorrow, now,
It won’t go back to yesterday.

When the yesterday isn’t far,
When your tomorrows ain’t a long way,
Hold my hand, take it strong,
We’ll make our escape.

When it’s all over,
You’ll be with me still.
We’ve come a long way through the oceans and the canyons,
And we’ve climbed the hills.

When the lonesome has a meaning,
And you’d much rather be drifting away,
Hold on to your faith, hold it close,
We’ll make our escape.

I’ll set you free from sorrow,
And I’ll love you more tomorrow.
Won’t let the light escape from you,
Won’t let the darkness swallow you,
We’ll make our escape.


I am walking with heavy steps,
Leaving footprints in the sand.
And not caring about what I’ve left behind.
I am carrying this heavy load with me,
In this burning desert.
But it’s still raining in my mind.

A grain of sand may not know its significance,
In the vast dunes of this land.
But it still plays its part,
All together, they take their stand.

When they unite and dream,
The wind may carry them to the shore.
And in the wind, you may see it true.
The wave shall swallow you whole.

All alone, I only have my faith,
And my desire to be free.
Together with my kind, I shall do wonders,
And I shall part the seas…


On the sidewalk,
Between the heartbeats.
I noticed you singing all alone,
In the streets.

On an unknown shoreline,
Between the blink of an eye.
I saw you drifting,
As time passed my by.
I lost my keys,
The keys to your door.
Am I standing or am I flying?
I ain’t too sure.

On your lips,
Or at the corner of the ocean,
Bends a sunrise.
You look the same,
As the beautiful sky above it,
When you smile.

I had your picture,
Wherever I ever roamed.
But the things I hold on to so tight,
Are always the first ones to go.
And in my dreams, tiny tragedies,
We deserve so much more…

Now I shall carry the memories,
Of you and me as we part.
Don’t turn around and look back,
This is just the start.

In the sky or above it,
In the clouds, you were there.
Looking down on me and smiling,
This feeling we can share.

I sat on the beach,
And I sang your song.
Nothing lasts forever,
Nothing lasts that long…

Now I walk happy and alone,
Even though you’re gone.
And I pass your house by.
The only reason everything
Builds up or breaks away,
Is time.


A poem I thought I’d lost…maybe I’ll lose it again. Who knows? Nobody.

Things that I’m afraid of,
Things that I fear.
They aren’t with me anymore,
You make them disappear.

And I won’t turn around,
To find my past still here with me.
Whatever I’ve left behind,
Shall become my history.

I hope to find unopened doors,
Walking this uncertain path for too long,
Don’t give me comfort, I must continue,
And soon enough, I’ll be gone.

Let truth be the secret,
I hold so near.
And for once in a blue moon,
I see everything clear.

I see the dawn, I see the dusk.
I see your city, all lit up.
I see the thunder, I see the sky,
I see the moment,
That has passed you by.

Now I see everything,
For everything’s here.
And everything is gone,
But everything’s clear.


Her love flows by me,
As easy as the breeze.
It’s funny when things change so much,
Like shorelines and the sea.

I walked her to the door,
Beyond the pain, I took her far.
It doesn’t matter where she goes, now,
I’ll always know where you are.

I try to lie to her,
I try to love her right.
In the darkness of my life,
I carry a fading light.

I can’t see beyond this tunnel,
My vision is fading.
Oh, the way I’ve wandered these paths,
Only I know that the past is misleading.

Now it has come to distances,
The time has come for us to part.
Anywhere you go, keep the faith,
I’ll always know where you are.

The Game

I see you out in the rain.
The tears fall out of nowhere,
And land at your feet.
You just stand there
Staring, staring at me with those eyes.
You make me want to
Draw a picture of you.
And keep it for always,
Beside my window.
So that whenever it rains,
I can still see you outside.
I can’t see the feelings,
That you hide.
Relieving them will just
Fuel their selfish pride.
The flowers in your hand
Are dry, maybe because
You want them to be.
You’ve saved them for me.
I can smell you from my door.
Taste your feelings and fears.
You’re standing so far away,
Still I can see you near me.
I don’t know if you can hear it,
Hearts beating out loud.
Although the name’s changed,
Inside we’re all the same.
Come on in inside,
We’ll start the game.


Clocks are ticking, round and slow,
In this room, shadows are my only friend.
My thoughts wander as I wait by the door,
I long for the light in your eyes and the touch of your skin.

Cobwebs stretching on the wall,
Legs on the edge, contemplate the fall.
I kiss the mirror as the light is shown,
Sing me your songs when I lie all alone.

Dreaming with my arms open wide,
There are broken words all over the floor.
And in the corner, letters from an unknown man,
Who wouldn’t let me be the child I am.

In this slumber, I rise
With a body grown too old.
The things that are there in my head,
I wish you never know.

Disillusioned by the years, I am not the only one,
But everyone has found a place, and I have just begun.
The future’s not the same, there’s madness in it all,
I’ll take my ground and stand by you, though I’m bound to crawl.

They got to tell you something,
When you’re losing out on hope.
Running out of fingers, counting
The mistakes that you’ve made.
If this doesn’t get to you,
Well, I’ll hang my head, love,
And I’ll just wait.

Sunday, 2 September 2007


Away, away my days are all gone,
Let me rise, we’ll start again.
In this hunger that I’ve slept so long,
I couldn’t find a reason to stay.

Open your eyes and show me the places,
Where stars forever dwell.
I’ll take the fall with all my faces,
But I’ll never bid thee farewell.

There’s comfort in my wasted tries,
All the moments spent with you.
And since, to you, I cannot lie,
I’ll never say the truth.

Valium me and Shraddha...

Rising to empty spaces,
Eyes wide open, blindly living a lie,
Standing in open waters, dreaming,
Whispering to the waves, flowing into the sky.

And the noise gives way to the silence,
Your voice echoes a thousand miles.
The choir goes off, somewhere in the distance,
I’m just glad I found you tonight.

Shivers, just another dream?
An illusion to soon fade away?
As I run my finger down you’re lips,
Wonder if you’re here to stay.

So I lie to you, make promises I can’t keep,
And whisper in your ears, the things u want to hear.
Down these roads we've travelled, I watch you recede,
Walk away into the darkness and disappear.

Shimmering eyes, in the darkness ignite,
In this melodious silence two bodies begin to sway,
Could you hold me and keep me safe tonight?
As this darkness surrounds don’t you turn away…

Don’t you walk away, be wary of the light,
Surrender to me, your sweet decline.
For us who live in this dream make believe,
The world is just an alibi.

Lay here on my lap as the hours pass by,
Let me look in your eyes and watch myself fade.
Don’t you shy away as you feel the touch of my kiss,
Let it help me forget the caress of the blade.