Friday, 24 August 2007


Whole night I lay,
In my bed all alone.
Watching the shadows rise and fall,
At the corner of my room.

With my eyes open wide,
And my ears to the door.
I heard all your secrets,
And all your dirty talk.

I heard all your promises,
As you opened up your thighs.
The lament in your past,
When your limbs collide.

And it didn’t hurt me, still
As I stood by the door.
To hear and watch you panting,
Just like I did before.

His name, you said out loud,
Your cries, they drowned again.
Lost in your own self,
As your blood flew in vain.

Whole night I lay,
In my bed all alone.
I saw shadows of strangers,
They whispered at my door.

I know I don’t have it all,
These words won’t make me your man.
Oh, take me to the slaughter house,
I’ll wait there with the lamb.

Bury me deep, in a place so small
Like a picture faded and grey.
You try to hold on to your cold, stone walls,
You know, you don’t know it will all fall away.

But everyone is lonely tonight,
We all walk on our own.
Trying to glide, through shadows and light,
Looking for a place called ‘home’.

Whole night you lay, waiting by yourself
Empty as my bed, and so alone.
You thought this could have just been hell,
But that’s not how your story goes.

Wished for someone to take you in his arms,
You smiled through your eyes, invitation in a song.
I don’t know who I was before,
But when I came in, a stranger I was…

Friday, 17 August 2007

Everyone In You

I tried to find you in everyone,
And they left me alone.
Now I’ve been everywhere,
I’m a hundred miles away from anything called ‘home’.

I see the good in everyone,
And to them, I’m just the same.
I too, believe what they say I am,
Oh mother, I’ve become a name.

And I tried to find you in everyone,
They told me you’re not there.
I seek your touch that haunts me still,
Your skin is what I wear.

A little lonely, as I sing tonight,
Please, take me as I am.
Don’t let the lights go down into the dark,
Don’t say you don’t understand.

- To the one who will never know of the things in my head...or maybe you will.


Oh my sweet mannequin, sing a little song for me.
I don’t know how we walked this far,
But I know how we came to be.
Borrowed from the heathens, I gave you a heart,
Didn’t lay you on a canvas, but you’re a work of art.

With wires of steel, I grew you your hair.
I seek you in the shadows, but you’re not there.
With crimson and copper, I made you your eyes,
With rings of iron, I gave you wings to fly.

Take my lullabies, these songs of yesterday.
Sing them tonight, sing them for me.
Rid my head of the thoughts I can’t defuse,
Oh my mannequin, don’t walk out of view.

Oh my sweet mannequin, tell me a little lie,
About the distance that you walked.
About the times that you’ve tried,
To light this sad forest that didn’t give you anything
Except darkness in your heart,
Or maybe a song to sing.

And is this what you wanted? To do what I please?
To make me watch you suffer, and walk on your knees.
I am not what they say I am, though I made you this way,
The hollow that’s in your eyes, well it stares at me.

And yes it’s my fault you’re devoid of choices
The man upstairs is used to your screams,
He came down tonight and took away your reasons,
He said you can live without your dreams.

I seek your touch in a state of decay,
A thousand nights I’ve slept alone.
Besides your scarlet scent that never begs to differ,
In a house that’s not a home.

But oh my sweet mannequin, don’t you fall for me.
I made you and then I broke you, just to be free.
I wear masks; I spill deceits from my blackened tongue.
And you can try to spark, this lonely wooden heart,
But for now, the story’s done.


I’ve been running around today,
To the places in my head.
Trying so hard to understand,
Everything that you said.

Everything I say is borrowed,
These words are not my own.
You leave me empty and hollow,
Don’t leave me all alone.

You disappear and fade away,
Like reasons in my hands.
Scars to tell what I’ve been through,
But I don’t have enough to make me a man.

So give me all your barbed retorts,
Don’t show me all your dreams.
In the end, you’re all the same,
Just a tear of glycerin.

And I’m just a face, getting lost in the crowd,
Because of you, I can’t figure, what I’m all about.
Because of you, I can’t find, a reason to stay,
And you know I’ll follow, this is everyday.

The Middle Of Everything

Father, forgive me for all my crimes,
I can never be like you.
I know I’ve wasted all my time,
I know I never gave a reason, too.

I never thought I would be like this,
But you see I had no choice.
You gave me everything I wanted,
Then you took away my voice.

But this ain’t a complaint, no sir,
It’s just a point of view.
I don’t like to believe in miracles,
I just want to believe in you.

Mother, forgive me for all my sins,
I can never be like ‘them’.
You know the future isn’t everything,
Don’t tell me to stop when I tell you when.

I never thought I would become this,
I can’t find the words.
Through this void in my head, we travel,
And seek the silence, yet unheard.

But I ain’t crying for help, no ma’am,
I know that you care.
Please don’t tell me what I’m not,
Don’t tell me I’m not there.

Brother, forgive me for all my tries,
You know we’re not the same.
What will I do if I had your life?
Well, I know I’ll take the blame.

I feel good when I see you smile,
Watching the trophies that you earned.
And I feel bad when I see you crying,
But there are lessons to be learnt.

One of us cannot be wrong,
When two of us cannot be right.
I’m running out of numbers and excuses,
And I’m already out of time.

But this ain’t a plea for attention, no man,
This maybe just a call.
Do you ponder when you look in the mirror?
I think I don’t know you at all…

Monday, 6 August 2007

Bitter Pill

She left the town like the way it was,
And I was dreaming of yesterdays.
I didn’t have the answers, never knew the cause,
My thoughts turned to ashes, and then they flew away.

A child died somewhere inside of me,
And a man could not hold back his tears.
For a woman he thought he knew so well,
For a girl who never got to be clear.

Now I know the words I never said,
Words that couldn’t make you mine.
So now I’m killing myself for you,
One day at a time.

The light that shines in your eyes,
Scenes from an unknown place.
They hold you close when you cry,
They can’t see your face…

Oh, she’s more than what she seems,
Walking across the line.
I know I’m wrong like you’ve always been,
But is that such a crime?