Friday, 30 April 2010

Song About Roads

Verse 1
The moon burns twice
In day and night
But deep in your eyes
It only shines bright.

When the war is lost
And nothing is what it seems
Take a drop of the sun
Make a memory.

If the roads only take us
Round and round
I'll throw away the map we found
Find our own way out.

Verse 2
In our youth, we were free
To find our way back home.
But we lost our way through the trees
Ate all the breadcrumbs.

In my sleep, I turn
Towards you and say
If you don't know the start
We can share the end.

If the path only leaves us
Down and out
I'll throw away the map we found
Find our own way out.


Today i was happy it rained a little.

I was happy that the birds got fresh water to drink in the morning.

I was happy thinking that you were.

I was happy because the lonely pigeon outside my window found a friend.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

City of mine

Sometimes when I travel around in Delhi, to go from one place to another, everything comes and goes in patterns, the sounds envelopes you and things seem bigger than they are from a certain height because you're in one of it's veins, cruising past the other inhabitants, in your own world at the same time. The city feels like an organism, constantly dividing cells and evolving, forever growing. Sometimes when you come out after a lot of days, you find it has changed. The way sunlight fell on a certain column is not the same, it smells different, there are holes everywhere like bruises and scars and water is constantly overflowing, it is truly alive. Even if I go away for a while, I always want to come back.


It's funny, when you see a face like yours on the street - it always passes you by too fast and makes you think about little that how I walk? Am i really that short? What do I think about when i walk? Does the breeze always move my hair that way?

For those five seconds, you're not yourself.


Spring is always nice and makes me happy. It's like nature's way of reaffirming -

'life finds a way'.


...I dreamt of shadows the other day, before the dream was over, they all merged into one.

1 minute poems

At night, when the breeze dies down
When the birds awaken, and fly around
I think of you, lying in my shell
Promises I make, things I don't tell.
The moon is in your eyes,
It stays low, but its on the rise.
A shadow falls down on everything you leave
There is a light upon everything you seek.

Shedding Roots

People may live for little things, accept their destiny, whatever that means, but maybe no one really wants to badly belong to something or someone or something anymore, i don't know if people yearn for simple things anymore, everyone wants something they cant put their finger on, everybody needs something more. Sometimes when i feel content with where i am, who i am or what i am, there's this weird feeling in my head that i should be dissatisfied with everything, even a little bit would do. And then there is the world which tells me that this isn't the way to be and i can't be this way forever. People live with so much noise inside these days its shocking how they don't go nuts. The 21st century has made us our own slaves, we are bound to doubt ourselves, to hate ourselves and to always compare our achievements with something bigger and better - and that readily available like a huge billboard with neon lights somewhere out can't miss it, you can't escape it. We've come so far from where we were, we don't know where we began from. But hasn't it always been like this? Judgement day is always near. The world is always melting away since the day it began, but our day of reckoning is different from the others because it is OURS. If people don't know about how things started, they want something to hold on to...i guess that's how finalities come into the picture, and the future is always uncertain, and the end is always near, as Morrison puts it.

Our feelings and thoughts are one knows it like us, no one can or will understand - only we do. We are the only one. Its funny no one has a friend inside. Things can get pretty lonely there, yet everyone seeks solitude and obscurity. To not make sense of the world is the way to be. If fiction's already out there, then everybody's already decided what their reality is, in their minds


Because words wont matter
When there is no poetry
In being a man.
No hair to tame
Or spells to utter in the hour
Of the moon.

Your heart is a lonely crowd
Returning home
Dodging puddles
Walking with a door
Looking for walls.

I greet the friend I see
Wonder about the half he
Left behind in drawers, matchboxes
Beneath his bed
Playing with boundaries
Adorning masks.

Maybe he looks for faces
As he walks the streets alone
And takes the one he likes
Gives it a name
Calls it a home.

Monday, 26 April 2010

To hide deep within yourself
Is to close your eyes and trust the wind
When there is no path left to wander
There are no waves to make you swim.

But a voice shall call,
Faint, familiar, from before
You’ve soared the depths
And seen barren lands
Now rise to the shore.

Rise like the sun,
With curious footprints on the earth
And head like a bubble from afar
The sky will fill with all your dreams
Time and tide shall shape who we are.

So trust these words, they are all I have
To pull you out from the dark
No one’s a stranger, who passed us by
Silence will live no more
In the ocean of your heart.

- for Nitin

Friday, 16 April 2010

Lonely Star

It was today, that she
Hung her star in the sky.
A timid thing on her palm
That changed shape,
Grew thorns
Became red.

A little like her heart
Vary of strangers
Burning for all
Shining for some.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Doom, Impending

When the edges break
The grains make sand
Water makes an ocean
The shape adorns a form.

Hands ache fingers
Roots wish for light
Flames pray to be still
Vines caress summer, survive.

And darkness has no beginning
For it has no end.

But the shadow is a circle,
It only grows bigger.
And all that is left,
A silhouette
As the waves approach.

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