Thursday, 31 December 2015


Your machines
are miniscule
Your time is elastic,
stretching on
Like the waste band
The wasteland
Of your yoga pants
Your car goes from
0 to 'fuck me' on
The never-ending oil rig
Of your dad's money
Your sex is rapid
Sorry, I mean
You like to 'make love'
Within the span of a
Men's magazine article
Read while taking
A shit
And you flush
Your diet
Down the drain
For protein shakes
And avocados and
Artisnal brown bread
And I would like to
Read you this
But you want
Bite sized dreams
Universe in a sentence
The world in a ball
And the sky
Within your veins

Monday, 7 December 2015

I don't want to write something sad
Anything that rhymes with hope
Will do, would you?
I'm tired of edging towards pieces
That I've called home 
Homes of people, pawns
These words are my summer gift for 
The winter in you
For your seasons that never change
And for my sun that never sets.
If I am a memory of what you used to be
Jagged edges of a knife carved with age
A no tattooed across your chest
I want to sleep like an owl in the day
To have you see me
Smiling where I stand
And no, I can't dance
But for you, I'll try

Thursday, 26 November 2015


I believe
Everything you say
And them when
They tell me
Like a lamb
Lead to slaughter
You were manipulated
And him when he
States you believe
For you are too nice
Too much
Too less
Too little
To comprehend
How someone could be
All you want
And tomorrow they won't
Need you
But now
The nod
The wink
Is everything
And it leads me
Into uncertain caves
To ashes
While I
Look for gold


I return to your shores
And find you changed 
The thrill has departed 
And your smile doesn't
Sting the same
The old house
By the sea is gone
The tides took away
The things thatmade you belong


Who I haven't met
In the light
Or moving like
An island
In the dark
I'll slowly
Kiss your
That the waves
Couldn't wash away
you leave little room
For hands and feet
And the rest of me
But I will nudge
Till the cage of
your ribs
Gives way
And your palms
break open
But maybe when you
Let me in
A mirror
And in your eyes
I'll find

Monday, 16 November 2015


Haunted, we meet
Broken, we speak
Like the town we birthed
now lies forsaken
Our language
needs no translation
And I'll never know
Who's waiting by the shores
You departed
Who's still feeding the fire
You started
Who still trembles
When you say the words "Let's go"
And who is saving your rain
In buckets by their window.


Alone in a box of stone
Life is a lie we've known
Rolling and tumbling
Down the mountain
We are fire
We are the waters
Of the unknown
But we make
Haste, running
Through the sun's
Golden lace
And they say
Living is
just another
Waste of space.


Your pixel heart
Your pixie hands
Cannot fathom
The phantom
Bodies fill
Your room
And you just gaze
At another day
Where people
Still don't
Your name


Your heart rages
Like a tidal wave of water
But your eyes burn like fire
In your mind you say
You're married
But your heart knows
You've retired

I'm the light guiding your way
Through the promise and the pain
Through all consequences, dire
You're a glistening, deserted
Street in the rain
I'm the streetcar named desire.


Rain a little
The tides are calm
The storm has left
Your eyes are dry
Rain a little
The coast is clear
The neighbours have departed
The shells have turned
Rain a little
The wind is soft
The sky is clean
The birds are silent

Rain a little
My hands are empty
Your back is sore
The seeds need water


Out to you
A spinning tire
Is tiring
The death of me
So I close my arms
And rain
I fill your house
I drown
You in your sleep
I flood your dreams
There will be
No islands
Just stones
That sink
When you hear the rain
That'll be me
At your door


*pop* *pop* *pop*
She popped bubbles for a better world
A forest fire
turned field
A field turned
parking lot
But all I heard was *pop*
The father came
Just the same
Took your tales
Heard you complain
Wished he'd make
You stop
But the bubble wrap
Is far too kind
And the squeeze is
Worth the *pop*
And I recede
In the same decree
You keep repeating
Like an old story
In different shades
And sizes
Like a key that
Never locks
But the air you
Breathe is pocket sized
And you pinch
My bubble
With a *pop*


The disease of you
Spreads silently
Like a vine
Around my neck
And your
Touch no skin


If I tied my life
To a fallen tree
If I died like the moon
By the sea
If I sang some songs of wisdom
Would you still carry me?
But little did you know
Little did I see, there are
Secrets behind your ear
And your regrets make a sea.


Your endless legs
Forever eyes
Many fingers sprouting forth
From your
Countless hands
And your hair
Wild, in
The wind, blowing
With your hourglass
Where the sands have frozen
Is far too little
For my misshapen feet
These crooked hands
My wandering eyes, my
Troubled heart
My mistaken mind
And the ticking clock
Of my hairline
All I have
Are words.


Your irony is spot on
And words are
Your playthings
The gyre has come undone
Mere sarcasm is
Loose upon the world
For you
Give it all for
Other playthings that
Don't lose their sheen
"What shines, sells"
"Glow and be noticed"
Are the bellowing horns
Of the 21st century
That drown out
Your sound
I don't believe
In flashing lights
In make up
Made up face
In a semblance of you
They only see
But not know
I don't care for
You devoid of tricks
And mystery
If you're not the
same underneath
In photographs
In autographs
I'd rather have
Something of yours
Something you

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


So you try and pick
Your brain
And you start a war
To shame us
You yearn for eyes so bad
You'll buy a blue
Just to make it famous


Love was like a lesson
I never learnt
Love was like a candle
She sent for me to burn

Quietly she departed
Quietly she prayed
Silent, she walked
Silent she lay

Love was like a lesson
I never learnt
Love was just a table
left for me to turn


Bid farewell
To directions of chalk
On the maps we found
Goodbye to
Her face that lures
And lies still
With no semblance
Of a smile
Or a frown


"Do I have your attention?"
"Do I have you?"


Dirty joke
And the world goes
For a spin
All fingers point to
The contrary
The opposite of you
The sea inside, calm
The storm, raging
For a minute
And the creatures
Behind the structures
of man
In your mind
But no one and
is a mirror
For your smiling eyes
I'd rather look at
Your face when you laugh


Wake up the mannequins
The time is ripe for words
Time to kill the silence
With ink
Time to walk
And douse these blank
Pages with blood
Spilled in the middle of the
Night, full moon, owl's gaze
Dogs howling
Amongst sounds of scribbling
By the candle burning
At both ends
Your house, on fire
The waves rising
Your mind,


It fascinates me
How a black pencil
And powder
Blurs out the edges
Of you
And how
Using brushes
And borrowed gloss
And sparkle
You keep the chisel
Sharp and blunt
And the hammer
Is struck with vengeance
To thaw all naysayers
And wrong wishers
Your youth, fading
Into a perfect circle
And you keep erasing
Till you remove
And then it becomes
Clear, like your second
Skin, ironed out
Spread like a brand
New carpet
How easy it is
For you to brush
Aside, like a crooked jigsaw
Piece, a tiny
That seems
Out of place


I open my eyes
And appear
Into the world
Whimpers aside
The truth is
The world ends
With silence.
Silence of action, the waves
That never simmer
The silence of love
Of wanting and wanting
The silence of sight
Silence in your eyes
So I close my eyes
And disappear.


The endless wheel
Turns and
Whirrs, spins
And is born again


Your first name
Is free
You don't even know
The meaning of
A bird or have wings
Or utter poetry
In the dark of the night
Like your name
Your aunt's cousin thought
Sounded 'aspirational'
The second one
Is a joke
Found written
On your school bathroom
Walls, on hard concrete
Etched at the back
Of desks and chairs
The one you can't erase
So you learn to live
With the same
The third is the one
You borrow
From someone much better
With a broader chest
Or better hair
And the smile that no
One forgets
Fourth is the one you believe in
Like a bad haircut
Or nipple piercings
Or a colourful tattoo
From a comic book
You read when you were 16
Others chime
'It's just a phase'
Fifth is a cage
You craft
And you stay in till
Your bones give way
Till age withers
And cracks, till you
Finally lose words
And letters
And meanings
Of all the people
And all the places
You used to be
Of all the names
You once had


The winds carry us
Through lands whose name
We learn to pronounce
Thanks to a tattered book
With the cover of a man
On a hammock with a straw hat
We bought second hand
From a store we never visit
But we were pulled
By the hope
That one day we shall
Find ourselves
In a place where people
Wouldn't know
our name


I've held you captive
On a page too long
So take my words
And go
I'll find my way through
Your mind's deserted streets
Places I can't touch
and know
It’s been ten years
But I found a home
In a town I thought was wrong
The rain will wash my dirty feet
And I'll keep singing my song


I've stopped
Anger is a gift
They said
But pain is a privilege
And so is sadness
For those who can still
Afford to feel
And when the time is
Choose to kneel
So when you say
It sparks nothing
When you say my arms
Are no shelter
Bereft of comfort
And my feet are more worn
And weary than the eyes
And the mouth that
Gave you away
You have only
To blame


Your eyes have a fire
You cauterise the sun
Your words only pierce the flag I wave
Your mouth, the barrel of a gun


If levitation
Is a crime
You won't catch
Me flying
But if walking
Is proof
Being grounded
Has its use
Come on over
I'll rhyme a step
Or two
With you


Trying to write myself
On a page
But the arrows in
Her eyes keep
Me glued to
A mirror forgotten
A reflection, lost
The wine, spilled
Through these lines


The four walls of my house
Three new lives today
Packed in four suitcases, five bags
And six cartons
Four more yet to arrive
Lost in transit
Like official affidavits in
My uncle's name, we tremble
When we cross his path
Three humans, flesh and bone
Three new lives minus one
From a desert of death, ignored
Where their language is as sweet
As summer dates and grapes from Turkey
They are known to sell
And yet they sharpen their blade
On their tongue
A land where women have turned
To shadows turned to dust
And the dust goes with the wind
Blowing nowhere and gathers in this
Desert with no shelter and home
Three new lives
Waiting to become one


So up in smoke
Or in the land
In a barrel in the ocean
on a boat
Down the hatch
Wherever you may sleep
Or meet the tears
we weep
Know this
You didn't pass through
These hands
Like the crystal grains
Of sand


You're searching for the exits
Looking at the clock
Your bastard heart still keeps rolling
Down life's mountain like a rock

Tumbling through the air
You find what you believe
You spin and dance and hold the hand
Of all you came to need

And when the end comes
You save not a sigh
No letters with letters that make words
No songs for goodbye


Today i am okay with not meeting you
to watch you trudge slowly towards me
and beam a large smile
you walk so slowly
dragging your feet
like a slave of obligation
I, your lowly master
or so I think
millions of years between us
turned to sand
And broken like rocks
we dragged to build a monument
we never visit
today i am okay with not meeting you
is perhaps
what you tell yourself everyday


My house has numbers
you cannot fathom
Marooned at edge of a city
On the verge of collapse
The cracks get wider
As the 11% coalesce and converge
The veins jut out like a
Badly made old painting
And sure its washed by a sewage river
Far away from
Your picket fence, your
Friendly neighbourhood dog
And air conditioned, 24x7 power backup
And high-speed internet connection
Another ghetto full of spells and curses
For mothers and sisters and often I wish
It would just flow away in the river
Or get swallowed in its own tide
Of ineptitude, when they raise
Six story tall broken dreams on
A 50-square foot plot
I'm not leaving till I
Leave for good
I will not step out of what
I call my home
Until I step away
To a town drenched with tales of my mother
To a city drowned in time
Come see me instead


I beat the wolves
Blue and back
Now I'm famished
As my claws dry
And my fangs sleep
The night is
My disguise
While you run
hide and flee.


The flame has changed shape
Put on colours
Now it dances
In the dark
Swaying in the wind
And now the rain is gone
Into seven shades
And the sun of the day
Has has its say
The light burns at both ends
Its here to stay.


You used to cut yourself
And send me pictures
Of your bleeding arms
Now you click
And put up pictures
Where you're
Cutting a heart shaped cake


I like watching
Women bob their head
And the men
Dancing on the spot
The people losing
Their minds and
Not their money
And friends
Having full bellies
Everyone smiling
At least once everyday
And 4 second hugs
I like time balanced
On the scale of
Silence and
not distance
For lengths can only
Cover so much
And our arms only
Reach so far
But I am here
And so are you
So let's forget
About how tomorrows
Will comprise of us
Gazing out the window
Flicking a pen
And recalling
Each other's voice


I'll forgive your armies
Of loss, of giving no love
Of the sorrows and sorry
You surround yourself with
Of the sound you don't make
As you approach
With your
Head held low
And your fears
Rising to the fore
Your sunken eyes
Forever lie
You smile and say
The place where you stand
Is alone.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


I'm trying to pack 27 years
Into a suitcase
And the memories
Keep spilling out.

Monday, 9 November 2015


The world dances
when you're in a train
The hills turns to mountains
Plain fields rise and fall
The tracks converge
In X and Y
Divide and become
Two and then one again
The locomotive salsa
Spares none
Stirs you like tea
In your sleep.

Friday, 6 November 2015


I've never understood women
Who don't wear
The same clothes twice
And men who check their hair
In the wind
Fighting repetition
Feigning perfection
Forgetting human.

Monday, 12 October 2015


Time is getting old
Even the clock ticks slow
Each wave of the passing hour
Doesn't predict sunshine or shower
It tells you what you already know.

Saturday, 10 October 2015


Apologies for the letters I wrote
They say emotions aren't impressive
In the year of our lord 2015
Maybe resting your head on my bony shoulders
Hurts your neck, and that's fine
"Curves are better than lines," you say
"Okay," I nod.

Maybe when I hold you my ribs are too sharp
And they nudge you in the worst way possible
Like waves of words hitting your sides.

Perhaps this is why you approach me
As a city you're unsure of living in
But I can be a home, not just four walls
And you can leave the lights on
Fuck my roads paved with good intentions
And almost no potholes.

Apologies that I only read and write
And no I can't drive nor am i good with
Directions, just better at getting lost
And we could have, if you
Only said, "Sure".

Friday, 9 October 2015


You open your eyes
Your mouth is light
A perfect round orb
In this land of starkness
I know your disguise
The silent humming at night
Your lips eclipse
I'm left in darkness.

Haven't Seen

I haven't seen the stars in the sky in Rome
Haven't seen Turkey's blue and golden domes
Haven't seen a route called 66 stretching on like truth
But I have seen you and I think you'll do.

I haven't seen the colours dry on Italy's walls
Haven't pointed to David & Goliath in hallowed halls
Haven't seen London's cobbled streets or Jack's bloody letter
But I've seen you and I think you're better.

I haven't seen the ruins of Pompeii washed by fires of the mountains
Haven't seen glass meet stone at the Louvre or nature's fountains
I haven't seen the towers of Dubai scrape the sky
But I've seen you and you make me smile.

I haven't seen the locks the lovers in Germany tied to a bridge
Haven't seen the Grand Canyon or its stony ridge
Haven't seen Mayan ruins held by the clouds up above
But I see you now and I think you're enough.


It's been too long for longing
Too late for waiting
And you'd rather hum,
"I speak too soon,
I think too fast."
The milk boiled, burned, over spilled
Stained your skin
The clouds that loom above her head
Never rain
The stars, like your home,
gather dust.
Send me the miles you've travelled,
Send me the sky, the moon, the earth
Send me all you've seen from up high
Send me a photograph of your smile
Crooked teeth by crooked steps
Send me the rain of your city
And the only shade of green you know
If you cannot send these postcards
Send me away.

Silent muse, violent ruse
Tarred old clues
To a mystery never solved
You know the ways of the world
You have a way with words
Said no one ever, but
I'll still tell you all
Till I end up tripping over
My own sound
Sounds, you know those things
No one can save, but I try
As i try dancing
with your shadow
Singing when no one's around
And sure, you say you like poetry
Like a man with three wives
And know the names of paintings from
France, dating back to the 19th century
A time, you wish was yours
A time, where you wish you belonged
But here you are
And there, I see
Me in your mirror
Left writing this fucking poem
Again as another century turns,
yawns and begins
Like just another day
In your book kept out of
Reach on a shelf, know this -
you're a photograph with no caption.

Monday, 28 September 2015


I feel forgotten 
Like keys in a bowl 
You kept too high,
Out of reach
Like keys that lead to 
Locks that open doors 
You've closed for good
Like keys, with crooked teeth gone
Brittle with time

Monday, 7 September 2015


I have little regard
For sharp things
Hidden objects

One stings
The other laughs.

I want nothing

I want nothing to do
With my hands,my feet
And my eyes
I'd rather lose
My sight, my scent
My sum, my sound
Than my words

I've forgotten how it feels
When someone touches the back of 
Your neck, the front of your chest
The end of your palm
Or what you see when you close your 
Eyes and kiss
I imagine only darkness
This storm is calm 
And the waves are still

And that perhaps, is
The worst death of all
The being alone
In happiness

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

With the night

All day
I keep waiting 
To be with the night
To forget the parties 
Of the day
To kiss and hold her tight

All the while
I'm killing time 
The light will never
know my name
I hide what I should seek 
I let go of these reins

All these moments
Photographs of colours
Washed and turned inside out
Hung to dry while she hums
"Music is made of cowards
and silence is a crowd."


I bit my tongue
while I was sleeping
Woke with one hand behind my head
Like I left my pillow back home
Another on my face
For the sun was in my eyes
And I, in the shade 
Where time lay still
And the birds were quiet
In all this silence, I
couldn't hear you speak 
Even though your teeth were shining
And you hands were dancing 
As the paper waves receded
Into the fold
But it stings a little, as I wake
I bit my tongue while I was sleeping
I was dreaming of you

Saturday, 29 August 2015


Wrong out your rights
Wound all your heals
Drown out the noise
Erase how to feel
This second skin
We've settled in
Is better than

Friday, 28 August 2015

The Better Half

Crawl through mud and ash
Empires long forgotten
To reach
The better half of me
I prefer the tall grass 
And the wind whistling through
But I'm not divided in two
There are open fields,
Mountains of green
Where my mind wanders, and you
And maybe I prefer doors that 
Say welcome 
Even though you never open
Or bat an eyelid
When I sing and dance
The better half of me
Is me

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

I would like to meet you
But meet you from a distance 
We don't have to embrace or kiss
Like you say lovers did
Off of a postcard from New York stuck 
At the back of your bedroom door
The sailor's hat in the wind
Your hair dances 
Your feet, too small 
Like your hands 
But I don't see the lines 
Or the spilt mascara and overturned 
Eyelashes, the eyes are out of business,
the doors are still and closed 
Even if from a distance 
They seem open and inviting 
So you invite me for a walk
Then say you haven't got
the time to walk this line
And slip like shifting sands from dunes
Of the night, you blow smoke rings
And wouldn't like to sing
Or even gallop to a place
Far away, a city eroding by the sea
to see two walls going by
Across, parallel
Never to touch

Friday, 14 August 2015

One with the fading

When it rains
But the drops don't touch you
you can't seem to see
Your reflection in the mirror
Or in a puddle, the children splash about
Or even in the spoon, in your tea
You stir a storm
But nothing twists and turns
You can't recall when you
Erased yourself from your own page
In the diary of life
From the footnotes of others
The ink has dried
You're one with the fading


She moves in frames
The photo stays the same
As time goes by
It's hard to recall her name

Waiting in the shadows 
Aching for the pour to stop
In the eyes there's only rain
The heart shelters a drought

She said she'd rather not see
The other side of me
So I locked the doors
And threw away the key

She said one's a lonely sum
If only that were untrue
I need you like breadcrumbs, she said
Once the bread is through 

Monday, 10 August 2015


Picture by Shreya Arya. Words by me.

Saturday, 8 August 2015


If there were three things I could do today,
They would be to burn
To burn and to burn.

Burn like the sun of a new day that sets the sky alight
Burn like the fires that keep burning even when it's raining

Many things in your life are as cold and stale as a limp dick
And the winter of your youth will never return
So keep burning

Burn like narendra modi just started eating beef
Burn like its watermelon season
Burn like the chillies are fresh
Burn like you were on fire like that one Vietnamese priest on the cover of rage against the machine's first album
Burn like Tom Morello's guitar chords on a pair of fresh strings

Burn like the cities inside of you are burning
And people are having sex on top of cars left behind on the road
And even though there are cops everywhere you aren't following the fucking curfew hours to go home because you'd rather burn

Burn down those who say you weren't man enough
Burn away those that say you're too much of a woman
Burn because you don't need to bow
Burn because you don't need permission

Burn, for you can withstand it
Burn, because your canvas is candid
And though I haven't planned it
When you burn
I won't leave you stranded.

Burn like the streets are empty
Burn like there's no music but
You're dancing anyway
Burn like you're dancing naked
Burn like everyone's watching you like a comet that comes by only once every 75 years

Burn like your parents are away
Burn like your plate is full
Burn like your grandparents used to get high
Burn and carve your name on this world
Forget about who offended you
Write an open letter to yourself
Stop being faceless on Facebook
Trendy on Twitter or tumbling over tumbler
Burn, as only you know how

If there were four things I could do today
They would be to burn, to burn, to burn
And to heal.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

I would like to kiss you in
Places no one knows
In secrets nothing has
Touched in a while
The way you know you like
But no one knows

I would like to kiss you

In corners of the places
Where you grew up
Changed shape and
Shed your skin

I would like to kiss you

In your sleep
So you may dream of me
I wish that were true
Like your hands that manage
To defy gravity and curve
When you put your fingers
To your lips

I would like to kiss you

When you are looking away
So you may turn to me
And smile


Mountains of the evening
Hills of the night
White cushions with
No ill intent
Break in the morning
To deliver and drench
You with their message
While we, the plebeians
The crawlers
Seedy shifters and
Cheque chasers
Full of words
Drained of cash
Leave home


I see her undress
Under the moon
And for a second
The things become
The ink spilled over her
Skin in youth
Marks long forgotten
The golden hoops
For silver ears
And freckles like stars
Illuminate the night
Love is a smile
She wears

Sunday, 19 July 2015

It's A Slow Death

I'm flesh and bone
Blood and guts 
Root and hair
Alphabets are leaves I shed
The autumn draft
During winter spells
The everyday seasons 
The sun never sets
And you'd agree
I'm not made of letters
But my darling
Its a slow death
When they want only your words
And your body lies forgotten
It's a dull pain
That time reminds and hangs like 
Clothespins from your skin
It's an ungentle ache
When the only curves and shapes
They yearn for
Are the ones they can hear
Coming out of your mouth
The only thing they'd like to undress
Is a page left blank

Saturday, 11 July 2015


The universe abounds in irony
I lost my key chain
And found the key

Sunday, 5 April 2015


Those who rest
In golden spires
Cannot see rivers of blood
Or eyes of fire

Those who dine
With mouths open wide
Live to be devoured 
By a ravenous tide

Pumping your fist, beating your chest
Wearing your crown of power
Shouting your forsaken sermon
From a broken tower

If your body's a vessel
Your heart's but a cage
Bring down your armies
Have you come to plunder?
Or have you come to save?

And they keep marching on and on
With red, the only paint for my town
Your beauty parlours are full of politicians
Our Parliament is full of clowns

Causality is just a statistic 
War makes humans rhetoric
This is elected disease is already passé
But when I get to scratching 
I'll savour every itch

So mothers, don't count your martyrs
Your hands are open wide
Fathers shed no tears
Pray to an empty sky

The usual tale of travesty
The jury looks from left to right
Our fifteen decades of tragedy
Assured through media bytes

And what of the solitary pawn
Left alone with jigsaw rubble and rags
The earth is a wound, calm as a bomb
Clutch the dust that doesn't hold you back.

But can you forget that face you once held,
When there are no birds left to sing her summer song
Remorse is a product they try to sell when
The kings and queens and all the horses are gone

Because the guilty won't fall
From their high throne
Because they couldn't find
The hands that slit her throat
Today in the evening, city square
A man is going to explode.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


I want to live where the road runs out
Where the grass is wild and no one's about
Where voices are vices and silence's a cloud
To build an abode in nature's shroud.

I want to live where the river flows free
Where dreams are whispers and the world is a sea.
Between the lost and found
From the corner of down and out
I want to run to every mountain and climb every tree.

I want to be where freedom is not a decree
Where there are no cages and the bird is singing with glee
A song for the forsaken, the fallen and me
To know my muse has awoken
And my muse is free.

From the ocean of deceit to the valley of truth
I want to travel to a place with every shade of green and blue
Where we come to for the stories but stay for the view
I want to give everything away and be something new.

Monday, 12 January 2015

I will not wait for you

I will not wait for you
or your eyes that never turn
for the world is a wheel
And you only gather hate like dust
sweeping forgotten toys under your bed.

I don't mind
If your hands are not reaching out
For me
If your arms don't graze
The grass on this field
My feet tramples with joy
If your palms aren't waves
That take me in
And little by little,
We all must forget

For the sky to open
to see walls crumble and broken
to feel the heat of the wave
before the cold hits.

For I decline
The things that shine
For a thousand names they recall
For stretching sleeves of my hand
For uncertain shelters

Once I know
I'm nothing new
I will not wait for you
but if your eyes do wander
towards the roads I made

Know I am but an empty sky
Bereft of pregnant clouds
a string-less kite
your fingers point nowhere.
In your resolve
my chains are broken
in your gaze
my solace grows weak.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Lady with palette of
elaborate tastes
colour my hours with your shade.
Your hair scattered like words
by the shore
and all the letters come rushing in
like pieces of crooked giants
crumbling at your feet.
And I, with my legs of clay
wait for the waves to simmer
like the storm in your teacup
as you close your lips
to wish the summer away.
And inching closer
to the cold taking over
I try and write a poem
for your eyes.
When I’d rather be
kissing you
hiding behind an old couch
by the window
of your crumbling house.