Monday, 22 July 2013

Reflections in the Dark

It’s July
The roof of the sky is falling
And the storm in your arms
Has kept me away

But through the pages
Of a memory set on fire
I remember you
Like a tree wrapped in light
Wading through
The darkest forest.

I’ve learnt silence is
Closer than we think
Like the ocean at my feet
Or the people standing still
Like weather beaten mannequins

And that I only sing to myself
As your flame dances
Above me
And my words melt away.

I still recall the red shore
Of your lips
And that green gate through which
You made your way
To watch a gentle river flow
And birds with their flame
Melt me to my bones.

But oh my evening moon
My midnight flower
As forever departs and future beckons
Know you were always well clothed
In garbs of light
And I was always

Naked in your presence.