Tuesday, 27 February 2007


If you read between the lines,
You will see my pain.
Don’t try to hide in empty aisles,
You know I’ll find you there.

I pray until the sun is set,
Asleep from all my pain.
This dream rots to its decline,
Only if this could lead nowhere.

Things are changing,
I’m lonely in my mind.
Past is haunting,
But I’ll leave it behind.

These cages and these alarms,
Won’t keep me safe from harm.
It shall come with silent steps
Drag me away, into the sunset.

I followed you through the field,
You just turned and laughed at me.
You blinked, maybe twice
Then you walked away.

I’ve felt this before
Saw all there was to be seen.
If you don’t know where I’m coming from,
How do you know where I’ve been?

And what’s the use of this world? She said
Where I don’t remember anything.
And I’ve got many songs in my head,
But you’re the reason I sing.

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