Sunday, 31 December 2006


This one is about a character - Cheiko, played by Rinko Kikuchi, from the movie ''Babel''...wich i saw recently and i think u shud too...cuz its awesome...anyway...Cheiko is a deaf, rebellious japanese teenager who is traumatized by the recent suicide of her mother(since she saw her doing it) and the fact that boys treat her like a monster because of her conditions. She starts exhibiting sexually provocative behavior, such as wearing a short skirt and no underpants...she walks thru the streets,goes to diso pubs and restraunts,does drugs and all but she cant hear a thing...she only sees blinding lights...thru out the movie...her loneliness peirces thru ur heart...anyhow...this is dedicated to people like Cheiko...

Wind in my hair
I'll lose myself
find me through empty sheets,
lay me on a canas.

I'll come to you
I'll burn with my wings white
let me open up.
Fly away or release me.

Where are you going?
Just who are you running from?
I'll find a reason to smile
the thinking trip is done.

this city is so empty
i don't hear a thing.
so let me feel your face
or your breath upon my skin.

let me run my fingers
down your hollow spine
i'll show you to the door
and everything would be just fine.

put myself against the glass
watch me from afar
oh mother wont you come to me
rid me of me scars

father, won't you hold your darling?
wont you whisper in my ear?
everything i wish i was
everything i want to hear.

i see a sea of people
all their faces look the same
mirror lies, but still i try
to be like them again.

lonely, in the city of blinding lights
i've become a name
call me a monster, call me a liar
i'll treat you just the same.

your eyes tear a hole
that old familiar sting
try to kill this fear of mine
but i remember everything.

travesty of life keeps unfolding
i walk these streets alone
the ghosts of yesterday dance with me
this house doesn't make a home.

i close my eyes, dream of yesterdays,
i dont care what tomorrow brings
the noise inside my head - the things i cant feel,
silence is no such thing.


satan triumphs said...

u jus made me wanto c d movie more than ever!!!.... i cud feel yer wrds..wait..'feelin' may jus b an understatement...

aveira... said...

ahem u spelt 'disco' and 'pierces' wrong...and she was deaf-MUTE...other than that...
well...the poem's pretty decent

ishita said...

its nt jus 'pretty decent'..its awesm..seriously aazar..ur 1 of d greatest poets i'v eva read!!n dis is so nt a ovr-statement!