Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Alone and ayesha Wrote this a while back...take a look...

you're leaving home again,
two more steps to the porch
drop your bags and turn around...
I cannot be alone anymore

if you wanna live
u can take my hand
aint much a thing to hold
i hope u understand...

i know ur time is wasted
my face u'll see no more
one promise is given
i'll meet u on these changing shores...

we all walk the long road alone
sleepwalking down this line
dragging behind us the reproach of a million tears
as all our dreams become the sky...

all our pain becomes the basis of our lives
all our laughter begins to cease
as we hope to have a better life
we only want what we don’t need

but do we know what we really need?
Do we know what’s good for us?
Can we believe that we are able to live?
Can we give ourselves our trust?

And no, I havnt realized life,
I know not all that I wish for
What I need is slowing slipping away
I cannot live alone anymore…

Can you not listen to my plea?
And give your trembling hand to me?
I promise you, I will lead you true…
And please believe that I do love you

you may not be be perfect, I may not be great
The shattered pieces of our souls are scattered about
But maybe if we hold tight on to each others hands,
We can find them and and figure our life out…

and I know I need you, like the air I breathe
I’m so different from who I was before
I know that you will be able to save me…
I just don’t want to be alone anymore.

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