Friday, 29 December 2006

A Lot Like Me

there's a place in my head
a place you can stay
there's just enough room for the two of us
you can feel safe.

iam not what i used to be
i never used to hide.
you look a lot like me
someone who lost the fight.

together we can spend out days
life's not as bad as it seems to be...
ups and downs always come and go
in ourselves, we need to believe.

i'll make you rise of,
you show me how to smile
for all you know.
it only lasts for a while.

i am not what i used to be
i never used to lie.
you look a lot like me
someone weary of the hide.

i'll hold you close
i'll treat you as my own,
i'll make you see the real
i'll never give up on you.

i'm not what i used to be
i never used to hide
you look a lot like me
someone who lost the fight...


ishita said...


autumn2ashes said...

outta ALL ur works...i like this one best...its more...i dunno how to put it...i like how its a lil abrupt...there isnt much if anyone who reads it can complete somehow...i wud be personal to anyone who reads it...cos it wud mean something different to every other reader...u know wht i'm driving at rite?...

p.s--i'm not pissed with u
p.p.s-there are FOUR chaps to my work...where chap 2.3. and 4 are the REAL was written to annoy a majority of ppl i posted the link to(*sticks tongue out*) those chaps and temme wht u think....

autumn2ashes said...

p.p.p.s---i like spinning second best....

p.p.p.p.s---beautiful pictures...detailed...

p.p.p.p.p.s---link to my 4th chap in case it too much trouble to find it: scripts can be annoying sometimes...

Anonymous said...

I guess that place is better than the cave-caveman

ishita said...

yeh..dere is smthin insanely familiar abt dis poem..smthin i or any1 4 dt matter can relate 2..or maybe only i think so coz i kno u well enuf..d poem is urs n yet it seems mine..dt sounds senseless..i hope u gt wt i mean..