Thursday, 4 January 2007


The dreams are in my head
my emotions are all blind
i want to break away
from these chains in my mind.

i'll keep walking this road
even if the sun refuses to shine
i wont look back, not for once
see what i've left behind.

sometimes i wanna spray paint these halls
with the colours in my lonely mind
at times i would like to climb these walls
fuck the world and liberate my time.

its been far too long now
since ive been standing in this line
the promises are all gone now
and the future isnt mine.

ive been quiet for far too long
been pushed so far inside
but i'm not the same - no,
as i stand across the divide.

sometimes i wanna go insane
destroy everything i can find
hold my hand, make our escape
climb the walls, liberate our time.

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