Thursday, 28 December 2006

Working Class Zero

i woke up this morning
got out of bed
picked up the pieces,
ive been living in my head.

i walked down the hall
put on my routine
the schedule was the same
another day with the obscene

i got in my ride,
took it down a familiar road
passed by the same corners
where young grow old.

i reached just in time
got the same abuse.
felt like stubborn garbage bags outside
felt so very out of use.

I got back home - late again
warm my bones beside the fire
fed on the idiot box - same again
consequence oh-so-dire.

im fading with my roots
feeding all my fears
never worn your shoes
but get me outta here.

iam no one
just lost in the crowd
with the world around me,
im burning out.

the wasted time is in my head
my thoughts are scream with what they've said.
i know who you are - waving your flag unfurled,
but just spend a day in my world.

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