Thursday, 28 December 2006


spinning with arms wide open
i've got jitters
see a woman in a misty sea
hope that she'll love me
nothing fits
nothing fixes
sick of your tricks
red, green and blue
cocktail mix
afternoon in the six
inches from the sun
to drown the sorrows
forgetting the past
to remember tomorrow
strings still ring in the head
melody sung
has already been forgotten
time goes by
scream with eyes shut
nobody listens
nobody gives a fuck
wish for someone to be there for me
drowned in love potion
wish to be someone else
wait for you in my cold cell
i stop trying to make it
i stop trying to fake it
nothing fits
nothing fixes
so i'll break the mirror
and take it.

1 comment:

autumn2ashes said...

its not deep,its not conventional...its jus how it is...a narrative...a description...i like it in bits...hate it in others....for the same reasons....