Friday, 22 December 2006

The Cradle

im rocking in my prime
rotting in my wings
feed the beast inside
madness and overkill.

my vision turns blurry
fingers going numb
earth can take me in now
as blood starts to run...

in pursuit of trouble
all i see is pain
i crave for that hunger
come and fill me up again...

a line divides me in two
these shadows hide the truth.
what have i become?
hollow as i stare at the mouth of a gun.

she curls like smoke
dew on her lips
i cant watch those eyes
dark as an abyss

so let me walk down this line a thousand times
let me live, let me be free
your empty stare streches across the divide,
the crack in you bleeding heart, its me...


Anonymous said...

good poem-caveman

aveira... said...

again....very lyrical....
its strange how few lines like in 'spinning' cud say and make u feel so much more than longer poems like 'the cradle' can...havent u ever wondered...?however this was one of ur earlier works...

i cud never put down something so close on paper though...i jus cant ...the words...i cant find them...all my lingual proficiency turns dust..the only time i came close was while writing 'dedicated' and 'do u remember'...but thats bout it...never before..never again