Tuesday, 26 December 2006


iam what i choose to be
no less than the sky
i only run for shelter
i do not wish to fly.
give me the sun,
not shelter from the rain.
if you dream with eyes open wide
i'll treat you just the same.
the hand that hurts
the heart that bleeds
our past is forlonged
but the future receeds.
you're in my head again
couldn't run if i tried
season's change too soon,
i can see from the corner of my eye.
the future's always complicated
always more than what it seems
if we wake with eyes wide shut
either way it's fun to dream.

1 comment:

aveira... said...

the poem...its not bad...but not as impressive as some of ur other works...
but why kabeer?...as in wht's the significance of the title?...