Friday, 27 April 2007

Sing To Make Me Numb

So numb when you sing
The hearts you break
Well now they dance all around you
Can you see me now?
Can you watch me from afar?
Will you hold this down one more time?
Well you shake this feeling off?
You’re the same
Such a strange numb
Watch me slide into this
Nothingness…for I am done.
Lost without misery
My only friend
The sweetest despair
And here comes the rain
Right on cue
Out on the fallen hero
The yesterday’s man
Feelings subside like waves in the sea
But you don’t have to hold this hand
The moth that the light has forsaken
But god bless you all
God bless you for the songs you sing.
I am the second one now
No medals no trophies or rhymes for me
No I don’t need
I don’t need this company
Let me get lost in the crowd
I want to be forgotten
Like the city I am in
A city of ghosts and angels alike
Where souls rest with mere mortals
It’s a pretty pretty sight.
I look up to the sky
And I get so high
I watch the blue turn to black
And then I get to thinking
You’re the same numb
When you sing with broken hearts
Well they dance around you
They dance all around you, now.

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