Friday, 27 April 2007

Sugar Coated Sour

Sweet as a bone
That you throw me
Well don’t you know my presence of mind?
Speed kills when I wake up with roses
Strawberry fields I know I don’t
No I don’t need this.
Too deep beneath the surface
Far far too kind
Too hurt beyond repair
This song that I wrote, aint really mine…
Spinning around
This hollow moon
I will die in your arms
If you were dead too.
River is empty
I went there today
Took some of my questions
Flood em all in water’s way.
Little things we hide
To know my future again baby
Well it aint no surprise
Out of cover
Trenches up and down
The battle’s lost
I hear no sounds.
Just steps receding
Every other hour
Tongues rolled down and out
Like a sugar coated sour.

1 comment:

pulkit khanna said...

hey man, reading ur blog after a very long time, its good to c that u've gotten outta goth(personal preference) coz i think when i read ur non-goth stuff, i can understand wuts goin on in ur life...& i like to think & know abt how & what people think, so gr8 stuff man, i like the underlying concept of this one.

wondering y u wrote this "This song that I wrote, aint really mine…"