Monday, 9 April 2007

3 AM

Ain’t no sound when I sleep tonight,
Wide awake I lie waiting by no one’s side.
There’s a song in my head that keeps playing over & over again.
This is just not enough – I can’t always swim.

So don’t wait for me,
Stand by the squares.
Transmissions falling down,
And you just stare…

But I can look forever
Get high with me just this time.
Try to stand on your feet,
Our steps would always rhyme.

I am a black and white photograph,
Screaming out your name.
Look at me and smile like you always do,
Sleep on my shoulder, and I’ll smell your skin.

Am I out of line?
Am I out of time?
Clocks ticking forever, girl
But it feels good to know you’re mine.

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