Saturday, 21 April 2007


There in you sky,
Stars are sinking like stones.
I’m back to the start again
It’s not a place where I belong.

Seems I’m the only one
Waiting for a change.
Now I see the sun,
But I wish it would rain…

I wanna runaway with you
Down these roads I haven’t been.
Throw my mask and drive away
Just one day from the obscene.

The things that I do
To the one I love.
Bend her till she breaks
Push her till I shove.

Like the sun sinking in my rearview mirror
Shining like the things I’ve left behind.
You should know you’re still the one
Who’s always shining in my mind.

1 comment:

pulkit khanna said...

oh i just love this one, one of my favourites, the purpose & the meaning r damn straight, but the way its been put together is gr8.

wonder wuts the significance of "rain" in most of ur recent poems......