Friday, 4 May 2007


You on a winding road with your arms open wide
You hiding in the hours before sunrise
You in the dark coming down the line
Don’t you know I need you? I need you tonight.

You with scars and head full of hurt
You’re undone tonight; you’re all used up.
Cry for the summer, shine like the rain,
Like drops in my hand, come fill me up again…

When I hold you tight, you slide through my hands
There’s a boy inside this shell of a man.
And I can see you shimmer across the land
And I feel you, I feel you tonight.

I know we’re alone tonight with this bitter cup
Its time we say we’ve had enough.
I can watch you forever as you take my hand
I never stare, for once I understand…

You on the outside, breaking into a run
You with the shaking hands don’t fly away into the sun.
You’re tired baby, but you’ve only just begun
And how I miss you, I miss you tonight.

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