Thursday, 12 April 2007

Empty Room

Lately I’ve been coming down,
With a friend’s hand in mine.
Crazy but I dream again.
I’ll believe it this time.

Yes, I know it never comes around
I can try in vain.
But if I never, I’ll never know
Of tomorrows to begin.

You should see the way she smiles
The way she walks with tears in her eyes.
The way she looks when she looks away
And leaves me there, with nothing to say.

I remember that dance,
Beside your stereo crass.
No distance between us as once was
Fingers clutching the day to pass.

When she swims around me
I hear the words she didn’t say.
When she walks me by
I got songs in my head.

Spinning in an empty room
With arms open wide.
I’ll do it all to be
The one who makes you smile.

I’ve been waiting for you to show me
That road you took to hell.
I’m transparent for her to know me
But why even know yourself?

1 comment:

darkness said...

poignant as ever!!!
its great how you can transform your love into water-like poetry... actually its less of a transformation and more convergence of love and poetry....