Wednesday, 11 April 2007


She’s got a wound that doesn’t heal
It’s burning, burning out again.
She’s got a heart that doesn’t kneel,
She’s walking, walking out again.
She’s got a room full of photographs,
A hand full of scars.
One for each day,
That she fell apart.
She’s got a box full of letters
A head full of hurt.
And she’s alone tonight,
She’s all used up.
She’s got nowhere to go,
Nowhere she can turn.
She turns around to face her past,
But it only burns.
The wound grows deeper than the skin
She knows how to hide.
She runs till out of breath,
And forces a smile.
Her hope runs underneath all day
Washing with water down the drain.
Standing like a kid whose lost her dreams
Lost her dreams in the rain.
She screams, nobody’s listening
They’ve left her all alone.
Didn’t get her message that without love,
A house doesn’t make a home.
Everything is broken
And what isn’t, is breaking down
It’s not right to hate it all away
With your head out in the clouds.
Take his hand, learn how to love
Be selfish for yourself
You’ve had enough.
How long can you stay divided?
Divided, like the razor’s edge.
Its time for us to be getting up.
We the weak say she’s strong,
And it won’t be long
We the right say she wrong,
And she won’t be gone.
Let her find where she belongs
Beyond this setting sun
Still waiting for that day
This is her song now,
This is her song.

-To, for and about ya everyday!

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Rayan- said...

omg you're like sitting on my rooftop and telling a story of me!!